Donovan Mitchell's heavy night in Utah jazz loses


PHILADELPHIA – His line in the game on Friday night was the filthy star Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell.

"I took 35 hits, this can not happen. Nothing helps," Mitchell said after losing 113-107 after Jazz in Philadelphia 76ers. "This is not what I am. It's not a way of playing. I know I'm still aggressive, but I have to be smart."

Mitchell, who has repeatedly heard colors from fans of the 76th, who supported Ben Simmons in the NBA Rookie of the Year competition last year, scored 31 points in a 13-to-35 shooting at a loss.

According to ESPN Stats & Information statistics, the first 35-point competition, with no help in the NBA, from Carmel Anthony's 62nd point for the New York Knicks, was won over Charlotte Bobcats on January 24, 2014. Prior to this, the last such league in the league was created more than two decades ago, when Boston Celtics "Antoine Walker raised 35 hits without a loss in aid on 7 January 1998.

No one took so many shots without assistance and scored fewer points than Mitchell, as Elvin Hayes had 28 points in the loss on February 8, 1969. But coach Utah Quin Snyder and Jazz veterans did not take any trouble with Mitchell's 76th.

"We want him to be aggressive, so we need to be aggressive," said Joe Ingles, who moved to the history of Jazz, who managed to look at a potential triangle that remained at a speed of 42.0 seconds. "I said this to him during one of the time limitations: if he is well aware of the shot and he is a good shot in our offense, he must shoot him. If he is 1-for-20 or 20-for-20, that does not mean that's for us , he is our man, that's what he is doing. He's aggressive.

"It does not have to be exaggerated, he does not have to think that his fault is lost. I think that the last thing he has to do is be alarming."

Joe Ingles, right, supported the heavy nightlife Donovan Mitchell, who says that the player of the second year must be aggressive even if he fights. David Dow / NBAE via Getty Images

Mitchell, who was the first newcomer to become the leading shooter of Anthony 15 years ago, is in the history of his second season overcoming increasing pain, as Jazz sprung to the 7-8 record. On average, it is 21.2 points, but only serves 40.8 percent of the ground, the lowest score of 23 players in the NBA, which average at least 17 matches per match.

Snyder points out that Mitchell stresses that he wants to be consistent in the "attack mode" and will live with results when the guard is working on reading.

"We know where his heart is, insofar as they want to play the right path and being [selfless]"Snyder said." The biggest thing is just to attack him. If it does not attack, it is not in situations where it can be improved. I think this is the most important thing and eventually become more effective. This does not happen overnight. "

Added center Rudy Gobert: "His number 1 is to get to the rim and make a game that needs to learn the right decisions at the right time." The NBA is a tough, heavy league, learning. "

But Mitchell, with an average of 4.0 assistants per game last few years since the last season, adheres to high standards. He acknowledges that he strives with patience and often allows him to lose his harm.

"I expect to be perfect," said Mitchell on his way to a team bus, as jazz went to Boston on Saturday. "That's the only way I can not have such a game, in my opinion, at the same time, my team is always present for me, with my back. The coach will always have my back, it keeps me hard for me.

"But I will shoot my way out of this and just stay locked up and stay focused."


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