One fascinating match emphasizes Week 11, but there is a lot of story to rank through – including the first place in the division entirely for grabs.

Here are the key issues for the 11th week.

1. Who will win the Super Bowl middle season?

The Rams and Chiefs, two of the best teams and the most powerful offenses, drew on Monday, which could have been a preview of the Super Bowl LIII in February. Both teams are 9-1, which means that it is already the fifth time since the merger in 1970 to make teams with one or more losses late in the season. Bosses are placed second in the NFL in the attack (35.3 points per game); The third rank is the third (33.5). The two best young cat in Patrick Mahomes, who ranks first in the backyard (3,150), and Jared Goffa, who ranks second (3,134), will fight for the first time in his career. Players who deal with skills such as Todd Gurley, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are great. But this game could come to defense that would limit more explosive games than others. This edge could go to L. A., which was better and was in the ninth league bound with 26 bags.

2. Will Monday's move to Los Angeles affect both teams?

The second story in this game was the decision of the NFL on Tuesday to move her from Estadio Azteca from Mexico City due to poor conditions on the ground. Being planned as a home game for Rams, she has been moved to the Memorial Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. Rams just arrived in Colorado Springs on Monday to train for the altitude they expected in Mexico City. The team will stay there and practice throughout the week, so even though they will play at home on Monday evening, this could have little home games. There are not many other changes for the chiefs, which are not their possible destinations – although it is more than likely that the crowd in the Colosseum will be largely favored by Rams. Unless any enthusiast who has planned to travel to Mexico City can change his travel plans, he expects a lot of blue and gold.

3. Will Andrew Luck be fired?

He has a monster, a return campaign and a lot of credit must go to the offensive line of Colts. The group ranks second in the NFL with only 10 bags allowed, one for the saint. This is an incredible change for a team whose line was an eternal problem and it was a great reason that Luck was always dealing with various injuries – nothing more than a true shoulder problem. In 2017 and 28 (44), Indy was listed for the last time (56) in 2016. Now the main reason that Luck and Colts won three times in a row. In fact, the O-Line did not bring bags in four and a half games, covering 57 properties and 187 drops. And while Sunday's defending league (16.8 points) could slow down Luck's production, it can stay upright in this game as Tennessee is bound to the 18th place in the league, with 23 bags year.

4. Who will be on the driver's seat in the north of NFC?

Due to all the hype on the Chiefs-Rams battles, Sunday's vikings (5-3-1) in the Bears (6-3) matchup are largely unnoticed. Whoever wins will sit at the top and, at the moment, will be at the driver's seat. Of course, there will still be a lot of the season, so these two Minneapolis competitions have to be seasonally scheduled, so the loss for any team will not be devastating. The packers (4-4-1) are also in a surprising distance, so this season it is imperative that the teams begin to win in close divisional matches – especially against their shareholders. If, however, there is one team, who may need more, it can be young bears who have so many players who are not familiar with the playoffs. They have been won three times in a row and the victory on Sunday would further increase the momentum in the rear.

5. What impact will coach coach Bengals have?

Cincinnati's defense was poor. Historically bad. Finally, it ranks in several key statistics. In their last three games, the Bengals allowed 500 or more sailboats in each. In fact, they averaged 545.3 above this range. By Monday morning, the team fired Defense Coordinator Teryl Austin and Coach Marvin Lewis said he would take over the tasks for the games. Lewis and Bengals also announced that Browns Hue Jackson, who was the offensive coordinator of the team from 2014-15, joined the staff as a special assistant. Although Jackson is an attacker, Lewis announced in a press release Jackson's signature that he will help with "day-to-day defense responsibilities, including analyzing our opponents and assisting me in games with players and defense coaches." Bengals will be given the first chance to show that the moves are smart on Sunday against the Ravens competitor, who lost four of his last five games.

6. How should LB Jackson become a novice if he is called? If Joe Flacco is healthy, he will keep his job?

We are talking about the Ravens, Flacco faced hip injury and on Wednesday he was forced out of practice. Coach John Harbaugh said that Flacco could play without a training, so his status on Sunday could run through the clock leading to the game. In the first round, Baltimore won Jackson and inserted it into games in special packages. He scored seven of 12 targets for 87 meters and one touch. But it's Jackson's leg that Cincinnati might have trouble getting forced to start. 28 times he ran for 139 yards and one shot. Raven obviously thought that Jackson could become a potential defender of the franchise, but if the team continues to lose, they can opt for a possible renewal sooner than was originally planned. But if Flacco is healthy enough to play, he will not be able to afford any slip.


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