Do fanatics want Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods to become best friends again?


Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner set standards for the goals of friendship. However, as the news broke out that Tristan Thompson was cheating older sister Kylie Jenner with Jordin, there was a tension between two BFFs. When Jordyn allegedly moved from the house in which she lived with Kylie, people began to assume that friendship is over for ever.

Was the last fraudulent scandal too much for their friendship? Is there a chance that we could be back again? These answers can only be given to us, but we know how many fans of Kylie Jenner think about friendship, which may be about to end.

Fans saw that Kylie began to hang out with the look of Jordyn

Shortly after the news broke out that Jordyn moved from Kylie's house, Kylie noticed a shopping trip with someone similar to Jordyn Woods. This caused a lot of confusion with the fans of Kylie because they were not sure whether it was actually Jordyn or if Kylie left and found a BFF replacement that looked like her alienated friend.

As it turns out, the mysterious female name Heather Sanders has been a friend of both Kylie and Jordyn for several years. Last year, as soon as Kylie gave birth to her daughter, Stormy, Heather published a picture on Instagram, which showed her and Kylie stood side by side during pregnancy. In the title, Heather wrote: "I congratulate the prettiest, most caring and loving person on Earth! So glad that we need to share this experience together! Sleep together, eat together, practice, etc. To love you as my pregnant sister for 9 months! You will be such a wonderful mom, and your wonderful child is the happiest girl in the world who has you as her mother.

In 2017, Heather also released a picture on his Instagram, which was shown by Kylie, Jordyn and some other friends who were posing for the camera. In the title, Jordin wanted a happy birthday and called Jordinda "real".

Fans saw that Kylie and Jordyn were simultaneously posting images on Instagram

About a week ago, people began to observe that both Jordyn's and Kylie's Instagram Stories started to look very similar. First, Jordyn posted a picture of himself wearing swimwear, and not just swimwear, but the one that was very similar to those she and Kylie had shot a few months ago. About an hour after Jordyn published a beautiful selfie for swimwear, Kylie then put her own image in a swimsuit while she had a daughter.

The girls are still following each other on Instagram, but we are not sure if their plans for publication were random or they tried to get into some kind of Instagram war. However, many fans thought that behavior was weird, at least said.

Do fans want Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods to become friends again?

It is clear that the fans of Kylie Jenner were closely watching her friendship and Jordyn. However, the way many fans now attend auditions for the role of the new BFF Kylie Jenner through funny memes on Twitter do not seem to be too upset because Jordyn Woods is no longer in the picture.


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