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"Details" Glider Redeploy that comes in Fortune in v.720

Epic Games has announced that the Glider Redeploy will return to Fortune as an element in v7.20.

On January 14, it was found that Glider Redeploy will actually return to Fortune, but otherwise than before.

Now, we will be "broken down", which means that a glider will fly into the storage space and use the "costs".

When all of the costs are used, the parachute heading line will end.

Players will be able to find a Redeploy poster in prey, ground, vending machines and supply with lamas.

Below you can see the entire post from Epic Games.

People Heya,
Some time ago, we did a test for the re-use of a glider. The mechanics was a very divided response, which revealed some positive and some negatives. The mechanism was removed from the default mode, but we believe that the alternative implementation will help to solve some of these negatives and better meet our goals. The goal of this element is to ensure mobility and usability, but in a form that can be balanced and repeated. . By introducing the parachute shift as an element, we can repeat at several different levels (ie, reordering the height, the speed of movement, the possibility of a drop, the charge meter), including the voltage in the storage compartment.

  • Element Gliders will take up inventory space and you will find it from normal sources of prey.
  • Activate the Redeploy Glider function, as usual, you do not have to select an item.
    • Each deployment will remove one charge, when all costs are used, the element disappears.
    • Using Launch Pads, Rifts-to-Go, and LTM respawns will not use charges because they put you in the fall mode.
  • The new Element Glider Redeploy can be found in prey, chest, vending machines and lamination supply.

What about Soaring 50s or other big teams?

When you log off from the Battle Bus, you will automatically be assigned a Glider with 50 charges. (This is considered to be placed in the Skydiving mode, which will not use Glider element charges.)

We will closely monitor the item and adjust it if necessary, so please discuss with your discussions and feedback! «

It's still coming.

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