Dear Abby: The neighborhood power tool did not work, but now it suggests that it should be paid


Dear ABBY: I recently borrowed an electric tool from my neighbor. I did not succeed when I tried to use it. So I called a neighbor and tried to fix it without luck. To be courteous, I said that I'm sorry. He replied: "You can pay it."

It's a pretty expensive tool and I definitely did not break it. It never worked. Do I owe him anything more than to thank him? If there were just under $ 50, I would probably offer to buy a new one to maintain relationships. But in the circumstances … – It did not work

Dear Sirs, talk to your neighbor again and repeat what you said. But this time he told him that your apology was not the recognition of guilt, but the sympathy and regret that you were the bearer of bad news. Then give him some bad news so you will not pay for something that you have not interrupted.

Dear Sirs: Some years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare disease called Wegener's granulomatosis. Due to the way this disease has affected me, I have a rough, rough voice and it will probably be the end of my life.

The problem is that almost everyone I'm asking is: "What's wrong with your voice?" But, "Do you get cold?" he asked this question every few days. Whenever I tell the truth (this is just the way I speak), people immediately feel bad, so I usually lie and say, "Yes, I have a cold" or "I have allergies."

My question is, what's the best answer? I know people are just worried, but I'm so tired of asking me. – ONLY IS INJURED IN THE EAST

DRAGY IS ONLY ATTITUDED: I do not see a way to prevent people who do not know you from asking a question. But when they do it, I think we should stick to the truth and allow them to have their own bad feelings because they have posed such a personal question.

Dear Sir / Madam: My wife and I have recently come across a Chinese restaurant owned by the local population and is affordable. The food is very tasty. My wife is asking about the styrofoam containers that the restaurant provides for the remains. It claims to leave chemicals in the remnants at the top to make the environment unfriendly.

On our last visit, to my surprise and fear, she brought her own glassware for food to the restaurant. Is it okay to bring reservoirs to the restaurants? – LEFT FOR GO

RESPECTED ACTIONS: I tear off my brain when I try to find a reason why it would be inappropriate if the sponsor does not mind if I bring it. In fact, it seems to be an intelligent, environmentally friendly solution to the overcrowded problem of landfills until the restaurant opposes it.

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