Cost security Mark Zuckerberg is rocket after Facebook's hellish year


  • The cost of protecting Mark Zuckerberg in 2018 after the catastrophic year for Facebook was $ 20 million when it became an arrow to techlash.
  • For comparison, Amazon and Uber spent $ 1.6 million and $ 2 million last year to protect their CEO, Jeff Bezos and Dara Khosrowshahi.
  • Facebook said that "the negative mood in relation to our company is directly linked and often transferred to" Zuckerberg. "
  • Following is the Business Insider investigation, which revealed how the Security Forces for 6,000 people on Facebook silently guard Zuckerberg and 80,000 employees in the company.
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The cost of conservation Mark Zuckerberg got far more expensive after Facebook flight from hell.

On Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that the social network showed that the overall compensation package of the CEO for 12 months ended December 31, 2018.

Despite paying only $ 1, Zuckerberg's payment more than doubled to $ 22.6 million last year, compared with $ 9.1 million in 2017. The main reason for this is the costs of Zuckerberg.

In a burning flight for his company, in which Zuckerberg had to make a ticket for an apology for accidents, including a massive violation of Cambridge Analytica data, forged news and electoral interference by bad players on his platform.

Thus, Facebook spent nearly $ 10 million for personal protection for the billionaire, both at home and on trips. This increased by almost $ 2.5 million a year to 2017 and almost twice as much as the company spent in 2016.

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Moreover, the Zuckerberg Security Code included a "prepayment" of $ 10 million to "cover additional costs" associated with the preservation of not only the safe director, but also his family. Zuckerberg is married to Priscilo Chan and has two children together.

Amazon spent only $ 1.6 million on security for Jeff Bezos.
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For comparison, Amazon's director Jeff Bezos, for security reasons, received only $ 1.6 million, according to a notification this week. Uber's Executive Director Dara Khosrowshahi received compensation of $ 2 million for protection, IPO disclosed.

In the SEC's application, Facebook acknowledged that Zuckerberg is often a shooter for anger on Facebook. He is the face of the company and when his 2 billion users feel threatened, Zuckerberg is focused.

"He is a synonym for Facebook, which makes the negative opinion of our company directly linked to Mr. Zuckerberg and is often tolerated," said Facebook.

In a statement sent to the Financial Times, the company added: "Mr Zuckerberg is one of the most recognized executives in the world, largely due to the size of our customer base and our constant exposure to global media, regulatory and regulatory attention."

24-hour guards, bulletproof glass and a permanent driver

Business Insider, Rob Price, published in March an investigation into Facebook's security forces, which measures 6,000 people and quietly protects Zuckerberg and 80,000 employees around the world.

It reveals how thousands of people are trying every week to access Menlo Park Facebook's seat, including meeting Zuckerberg. There is a persistent rumor that it also has a secret "panic parachute" in order to quickly evacuate the building, although the truth is unclear.

Here is some insight into how Zuckerber's security function works from the Insider Inspection in March (it was slightly arranged for clarity):

"Armed officials to protect the executive are standing on a permanent guard outside their enclosed homes in the bay area (at least one of them also has a panic room). If he goes to the bar, his team will fly over to convince you that all new doctors will be safe or coaches if they want to start a new hobby.

"During social gatherings, all members of the Zuckerberg Praoror Guard are sitting on the front of the room and dispersed in the crowd, only in the event of trying to hire them, and wearing civilian clothes that unite with workers who are not employed.

"Facebook's offices are built over an employee's parking space, but it is possible to park directly under the Zuckerberg table due to the risk of car bombs.

"He also has access to a large conference room in a glass wall in the middle of a room near a table with bulletproof windows and a panic button."

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

In the second place, filed by Facebook SEC, it was found that Sheryl Sandberg's security costs slightly increased from $ 2.7 million in 2017 to $ 2.9 million last year. Facebook also spent almost one million dollars on a private plane for its main operator.


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