Saturday , September 18 2021

CNN + is officially introduced in early 2022

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CNN is introducing a streaming service and is of course called CNN +.

While CNN hasn’t done that yet specify a specific start date for its upcoming streaming service, cable news giant said it intends to get started CNN + sometime in the first quarter of 2022. CNN is still trying to decide how much a CNN + subscription will cost. meIn an interview with Variety, this was at least said by CNN CEO and CNN + CEO Andrew Morse there will initially be no free ad-supported rate, so it’s either full price or zero.

Interestingly, CNN + will of course serve as a portal to the usual CNN lineup news and politics, streaming service it is also expected to offer a “new, additive experience that complements the core of CNN linear networks” focused on “quality non-fictional programming”.

CNN says CNN + subscribers can expect 8 to 12 hours of daily and interactive original programming that is “different” from other members of the CNN family, and additional content is available upon request, thanks to existing broadcasts such as Anthony Bourdain: Unknown Parts, United Shades of America, in This is Life with Lisa Ling. In the future, CNN + says it will create new original films and shows for its service, with the first to be unveiled later this year.

Morse argues that the launch of CNN + is the largest network launch since the original CNN struck the ether as early as 1980. Leading until the introduction of CNN + v 2022, Morse says CNN wants to hire 450 new employees over the next six to nine months.

Asked by Variety, Morse said there were no official plans to create a subscription package with CNN +, HBO Max, or other WarnerMedia services. However, some sources who spoke to Variety said there was a “high probability” that CNN + could be included in the package after the merger between HBO Max and Discovery + WarnerMedia in Discovery is completed next year.

The good news is that CNN will not create a separate CNN + app, instead CNN + subscribers will simply sign in to an existing CNN app with their credentials so they can re-access all of them. additional CNN + content.

But the overcrowding of streaming services today means that CNN + may be struggling to create a niche – especially if there are some exceptional original broadcasts.

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