Apple video services can charge $ 10 each for HBO, Showtime and Starz


The expected news service is estimated to cost $ 10 a month and has allowed access to more than 200 magazines (such as Glamor in People), as well as newspapers. This would mean an expanded version of Texture in this sense. Apple could also have special emphasis in mind. The WSJResources understand that Apple will focus primarily on the "general news, politics, and lifestyle" of this paper instead of its traditional business news, and that the store will hire more journalists to help feed the Apple service.

If this is what Apple announces on March 25, this may be a good deal. For example, HBO now, for example, charges $ 15 a month. If the services are comparable, you may save a third of the price. Whether this is convincing or not is another story. Apple will have to show that its mix of originals and third parties is enough to justify another subscription or two on top of existing portable scales, such as Amazon and Netflix.


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