The winner of the 14th season, The Voice, is the youngest in the history of performances to take up the title.

As Kelly Clarkson did not move to the scene earlier this year, she did not know how much she had missed the tour. There was no time to think about it.

Today pop pop and federal resident Nashville says she has a "full cup", and her first tour in three years is just a part of her.

A few months after she released the eighth album, "The Purpose of Life" in 2017, she became a trainer on television "The Voice." two seasons.

Kelly Clarkson (Photo: Carter Smith)

It was not the first time that Clarkson celebrated a big victory on television, of course. In 2002, she was an introductory champion of the American idol, and the 36-year-old is one of the biggest stars originating from "Idol", "Voice" or any other singing that you can name.

And within a few months, television could re-define Clarkson's career.

"The Kelly Clarkson Show" comes on a daily TV in September, playing just before "Ellen" at stations across the country. It seems to me that the perfect concert for Clarkson, who is very enthusiastic about her accessibility, the sense of humor and the lack of ego.

But that also means that Clarkson's current tour on Friday, March 29th, brings her to Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, maybe Music City will see it for a while. Like "The Voice", her new performance will be recorded in Los Angeles.

"Texas and Nashville were pretty much my only (places) that I have ever called home," he says. "This is definitely a big step for us. We are not excited about geography. I will not lie. But we are excited about the opportunity to come up with this performance.

Judges "The Voice" for the season 16, from the left, are Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Adam Levine. (Photo: Trae Patton / NBC)

In a recent interview with The Tennessean she was characteristically honest with all her roles: from the headliner of the arena to the mum, the music mentor and (perhaps) the daily television, the next star.

View: "worth the wait"

For more than a decade, Clarkson has been touring the venues, but she agrees with the long-standing members of her team that this tour is "enormous" in the new way. This is her first since she became coach "Voice" – a concert that tends to revive the career of singing – and the first to support the "sense of life" more than a year after its release.

"Although it was worth a wait," says Clarkson.

More elements of the "Meaning of Life" tour are quantitatively larger: a larger stage, additional musicians and singers joining her longtime band, and a list that includes a career.

Clarkson opens every performance with the coronation song "Idol", "Moment Like This". Before this tour, she was more than a decade since she was regularly involved. As a music theater enthusiast, she is excited to submit her contributions to "The Hamilton Mixtape" and "The Greatest Showman" along with staples such as "Stronger", "For You" and "Since U Been Gone".

"I have just been blessed with many songs that people know, so even when we do new things, it's amazing how everyone ate the text."

One of the climax of her night comes between "Miss Independent" when the cartel openers and Kelsey Ballerini join the stage to start the 2003 hit.

"It's amazing, especially for women in music. I think that many times, women feel particularly vulnerable. Instead of feeling at risk, why not be self-confident in your skin and your talent and just join us? "

But if Clarkson chooses the favorite moment of the show, this is an element that changes every night. In the segment called "Minute and a glass of wine", live performances take place on Facebook, and Clarkson is engaged in one night for his fans around the world, covering a melody or mashup.

"I try to do my best to get everyone, but I'm also the mother of four, and I have many jobs. I've read enough self-help books to know that you have to look out for yourself, "says laugh." I tried to do it in a way where I felt like being able to connect (with them) until I got to these places. "

Her "honest" advice to singers "Voice"

As an original American idol, it's hard to imagine that someone would be better mentor to Cartell and Shepherd than Clarkson. This is a serious role.

"I'm 100 percent honest," she says.

"I always say," Even if you win this show "- and Brynn and Chevel ended up winning – but even before they won, I was like," Winning is not important. You have to work. I know a lot of people who have won the exhibitions (laughter).

"I mean, I won the" Idol "and people overnight thought that I was a millionaire or something. And that was not the case. We all included our equipment on the stage, we played at state fairs, small clubs. because you have to. It's a blessing to be at the show with so many viewers, and this is definitely an advantage, but it does not deny the fact that a lot of hard work is coming. "

Cartelli says Clarkson is an example.

"What makes me most excited is how friendly she is to all the people she meets, no matter who they are," says a 15-year-old singer. "I've heard a lot about celebrities being justified and hostile, but Kelly has definitely taught me that their behavior is their choice, and the decision to be kind to others is a victory for everyone involved."

Next day television star?

As she expressed her hope for "The Kelly Clarkson Show", Clarkson brings Miranda Lambert to "The House That Built Me", a song about a re-childhood home where countless memories were made.

"I never had that," says Clarkson. "I really want to create (something) where people feel like, although they did not have it, there is at least a place where you can go, a place you can watch. I dream a lot with the performance in this sense. "

She hopes to highlight things that bring everything together, especially at a time when there is a lot of divergence.

"It will obviously be fun and very confident," she continues with a smile. "I'm sure we will make skates, and a lot of music is involved. But I want to focus a lot on the community and reunite people. I feel like it was very difficult for a couple of years, no matter what you believe and on which side you are. It was pretty rough. That's what keeps me, that I can not be in Nashville or Texas. This is a positive change in which I can participate. "

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