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Women's teeth "disappear", as her smile covered the strawberry disease

Doctors were shocked when a woman appeared in a clinic with a rare, but deadly disease of the gums.

An unnamed female teeth almost completely took over her overgrown gums.

    An unnamed woman appeared in a hospital with gingivitis (in the picture) that led doctors to diagnose it with a rare, but deadly disease of the blood vessels, known as


An unnamed woman appeared in a hospital with gingivitis (in the picture) that led doctors to diagnose it with a rare but deadly disease of the blood vessels known as "stomach gingivitis".

She told doctors that her gums started to grow about six weeks earlier.

The patient also suffered from bleeding from the nose and had three severe ulcers on the face, which made her skin "eaten."


After examining her gums, doctors noticed their bizarre appearance.

They were recognized as a sign of a condition called "stomach gingivitis" – because the gum tissue may look like fruit.

The medical name for this disease is granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA).

Dr. Maryam Ghiasi, one of the women's medical practitioners at the Tehran Medical Science University in Iran, confirmed that the laboratory tests confirmed the diagnosis of GPA.

Scans the head and chest showed no sign of disease in the sinus patients, but more nodes in the lungs.

In the health report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Ghiasi said: "Lamb's gingivitis is a rare manifestation of granulomatosis with polangiitis, and its clinical presentation shows a disease."

She said that the patient was being treated but never returned to accompany her, which means she does not know what happened to her.

Rare but deadly condition

GPA is a rare condition where the inflammation of the blood vessels.

The ears, nose, sinuses, kidneys and lungs are tilted.

And without treatment, the situation may prove to be very serious – even fatal.

In the case of the case, Joseph Nemeth, a US peridone, said: "The tissue can look like strawberries.

"However, this symptom is a very serious vascular or blood vessel.

"If it does not get caught early, it can be fatal.

"As dentists, we are often the first to actually see something like this, because the patient may not be aware of other symptoms, as is happening in the mouth.

"This is an extreme case. These examples are not normal, but they occur.

"The disease of the blood vessels can be treated if we catch it early, but if it does not, it can be fatal."

Characters to watch out for

"Gingerbread" developed by this woman is a rare symptom of GPA.

Other characters include:

  • general fatigue, high temperature, weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss and joint pain
  • problems with the ears, nose and throat – such as blocked or runny nose, bark around the nostrils, facial pain, earache and hearing loss
  • lung problems – you can not move coughing, difficulty in breathing or wheezing and chest pain
  • kidney problems – blood in your sore
  • skin problems – such as rash, lumps and small violet stains
  • eye problems – conjunctivitis, swollen eyelids and double vision
  • bowel problems – such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and blood in your food

If it does not cure, GPA can be lethal because it causes serious damage. For example, it can prevent the proper functioning of the kidneys.

It is assumed to be caused by a problem with the immune system, causing it to attack the blood vessels in the body.

Experts do not know exactly why this happens, but they believe that a virus or bacterial infection can often trigger GPA.

Thus doctors use drugs to try to alleviate the immune system.

This is a long-term condition, but it can be managed and means that patients can lead a normal life.

Probably a person with a GPA diagnosis has been on drugs for a long time and will have to check the disease regularly.

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