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Trump, "extortion" and Pecker: Bezos brings scandal with something for everyone Technology

Athe award ceremony of the Hollywood Awards with the usual fashion magazine red carpets, the serious reception of speeches and the mixing of the rich and famous. So few were surprised when billionaire Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, was photographed at a party with TV leader and helicopter pilot Lauren Sanchez.

But just days after the Golden Globes, it became clear that this image was a key trace to the disclosure of Bezos's 25-year marriage – and the intricate plot of intrigues that now extends to the worlds of Washington, New York tabloids and Los Angeles. showbusiness.

Add to the mix this week some horrific photos, allegations of extortion and published blogs released by Bezos, and the man who gave the world "All Store" brought "All Scandal" – probably all the way to the neck of the US President and his allies in Saudi Arabia.

In a period when all disputes seem to have a connection with Donald Trump, it was, of course, related to it. They thought that the strongest man in the world armed the tabloid in supermarkets that went for the richest in the world. Trump, 72, and 55 years old Bezos have ultimately an enthusiastic rivalry, at least in the president's opinion.

Bezos, founded in 1994 by Amazon as an online book seller and bought the Washington Post in 2013, is now worth $ 136 billion, which is Trump's wealth. Trump has been attacking him on Twitter for three years, falsely accusing Amazon of avoiding tax at the expense of the postal service and postal shops with "false news". But Bezos kept his cool and refused to accept the bait, probably the chilling of the president even more.

Besos' personal life was almost undetected over a month ago in almost Truba style. On January 9, three days after the Golden Globes, he used Twitter to declare a divorce from the novel by MacKenzie Bezos. The next day, the National Enquirer tabloid uncovered Bezos's unlawful relationship with 49-year-old Sanchez, the former host. Do you think you can dance? now in the process of separation from her husband.

In a report extending on 11 pages, Enquirer said that his journalists followed Bezos and Sanchez "in five countries and 40,000 kilometers" and that they were accompanied in private jets, limousines, helicopter rides, romantic hikes, hiding places five stars, intimate evenings and "quality time" in hidden love nests ". In the tabloid, it was reported that Bezos sent Sanchez "crazy text messages and exhilaration of love records".

It is safe to assume that no previous US President would give an opinion. But Trump could not conceal his sense schadenfreude. "I'm sorry to hear the news that Jeff Bozo was recording a competitor whose report I understand is much more accurate than reporting in his lobbyist newspaper Amazon Washington Post" he grilled on Twitter. "We hope the paper will soon be put in better and more responsible hands!"

But that was not the end.

With virtually unlimited resources at his disposal, Bezos hired a team of private investigators to reveal how Enquirer got his hands on text messages and photos. David Pecker, the owner of Enquirer and his longtime friend Trumpa, was "apoplectic" when he learned that the tables were facing, said Bezos's blog, and threatened to publish more material, unless Bezos called his investigators.

Editor Enquirer Dylan Howard should send an e-mail alert to nine details of intimate pictures in the patient's details. They were included "under the self-portrait of the belt" – a colloquially known dick.

In his opinion, Pecker's team offered the offer: Enquirer would agree not to post photos if Bezos and his researchers published a public statement "to claim that they do not have any knowledge or background" to indicate that the capture in a tabloid "politically motivated or influenced by political motivation or the influence of a political force".

Bezos announced that he had separated from his wife McKenzie after 25 years of marriage.

Bezos announced that he had separated from his wife McKenzie after 25 years of marriage. Photo: Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Bezos instead turned down and hit the tyrant. "Of course, I do not want to post personal photos, but I will not participate in their well-known practice of extortion, political favors, political attacks and corruption," he writes. "I'd better get up, roll over this diary and see what's going on."

His blog, published on a neutral Medium website under the title "No thanks, Mr Pecker," turned the script and earned a wide approval. Journalist Carl Bernstein, reporting on saga Watergate, told CNN that Bezos "acted heroically in this case, in the sense of finding that neither he nor Mail will be scared." Nicholas Thompson, editor of Wired, tweeted: "It's incredible that the National Enquirer was so disgusting that the entire Internet was delighted with the billionaire captured for the affair."

Others were enthusiastic about the epic, multifaceted nature of the scandal and how it captures the spirit of the times. Robinson Meyer wrote in Atlantic magazine: "It seems that in just over 2000 words, Bezos has taken out a newspaper from all the newspapers and committed them to an ever-present neon cable: the mighty power of billionaires, the dissatisfaction of American journalism, the thin word of freezing pornography, smart phones have covered reality – all this, and President Donald Trump (who is a close friend of David Pecker, Executive Director of AMI), and the Saudi government's misconduct against corruption and journalists, which Bezos claimed in his story "for reasons, which we still understand better. "

The road crumbs on Trump and Saudi Arabia are random and painful. Enquirer has long been engaged in hunting and killing agreements on behalf of the New York tycoon paying negative stories to ensure that they will never see the light of the day.

Among them are Trump's alleged cases with adult film actor Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen MacDougal. The parent company American Media Inc. (AMI) last year acknowledged a criminal offense in connection with an agreement with federal prosecutors who received immunity in exchange for testifying against Trump's legitimate Michael Cohen. The prosecutors now report whether Enquirer's conflict with Bezos has violated the co-operation and non-prosecution agreement.

Meanwhile, Bezos suggested in his blog that Washington's reporting on the murder of its columnist Jamal Khashoggy, a critique of the Saudi government, may have become the target of Pecker. AMI has produced a splendid pro-Saudi tabloid, emphasizing.

He also noted that Pecker and AMI had been "investigated for various acts they took on behalf of the Saudi government" and adds that "for reasons that still need to be better understood, Saudi Arabia seems to be affected by a particularly sensitive nerve. " Trump was also criticized for his pleasant relationship with the Saudi government and the failure to demand the answers on Khashoggy's death.

On Friday, AMI said that the Board of Directors commissioned an immediate and thorough investigation and adopted "any necessary measures". Adel al-Jubeir, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, is in charge of CBS's Face program: "It's like a mild opera, I watched it on television and read about it in the newspaper. That's something between the two sides. "

But from Friday night, in the White House, there was an inadequate response: silence.

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