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TikTok: When pneumatic bears drink Adel's rule online

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Media captionWATCH: What is TikTok?

Have you seen a viral video where a choir of rubber bears sings a challenging choir of Adel's someone like you?

Or maybe a bizarre look at people who adorn potatoes?

Could you have already been outside and someone was screaming inexplicably to "hit or miss"?

These seemingly unrelated experiences share a common thing – TikTok memorabilia, a short video video app you may have never heard of, if you are older than 35 years old.

For those who use it, it's a big deal and the app seeks to expand its reach to new demographics at all times.

Owned by the Chinese Internet company Bytedance, the application was first launched in China in 2016 with the name Douyin and increased to 100 million users in one year, with a billion views per day.

At the beginning of 2018, it became the most downloaded application in China and Thailand, and in October it was the third most widely used application on a global scale.

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Gummy Bears singing the song Adele was a big hit on TikTok

It was also not bad in the West, as there are 80 million downloads in the US.

In 2017, Byedance bought – another short video music application that may be familiar with parents of small children – raising awareness and adding 30 million additional users.

It now has more than half a billion active users, with 40% of those outside China.

Videos created on TikToku are usually no longer than 15 seconds – although they have recently been experimented with longer footage, and some star users can create videos up to 59 seconds. Ads have also recently been spotted on the site as they are looking for ways to monetize their content.

All recordings are based on topics such as music, cooking, dancing or fashion.

Previously, Byedance focused on news, with the Toutiao application that used the AI ‚Äč‚Äčalgorithms to learn user preferences. The same AI is used to provide relevant videos to TikTok users.

Image caption, beloved pre-teenage children, has brought a new generation of users to TikTok

TikTok has many smart special effects, such as a editing tool that allows people to move objects with thought.

"TikTok took advantage of a successful model of user-generated content, making professional video quality creation easy and affordable," said Paul Barnes, executive director of App Annie's analytics firm.

And although it's not the first of its kind – do you remember Vine? – it proved to be much more durable.

"Wine has popularized the video format of short format, but it was much more difficult to create a quality video. You were truly left to your own devices and needed a high level of expertise, along with talent as an artist, to create some people looking to watch," Barnes said.

"In contrast, the editing features in TikTok and the relatively simple nature of lips synchronization are easier than ever to create original video content."

TikTok is often praised because it is one of the few lucky cities on the Internet – his stupid videos are very different from some darker content on YouTube.

This may not take place, says Charlotte McEleny, the publisher of The Drum Marketing Magazine.

"No platform created by the user or mostly managed by the user will never be clean. What can and should be done is to learn from those errors that were done earlier because it is difficult for these platforms balancing for creativity and self-expression, while at the same time wanting to protect users from inappropriate content. "

Who uses TikTok?

Sophie is 12 years old (so she is not old enough to use an application that is official for 13 years and more). She, like many young people, came over via and has a parental license to use TikTok. She says she used it more when she was, but she likes the ephemeral nature of her content.

"You can go for one minute, the video is about 15 seconds long, so you can watch a lot in a short time," she said.

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Munavar Zeb does not participate in the challenges because they require a lot of creativity and require a lot of time

Munavar Zeb has 32 years and lives in the Indian city of Surat. He has been on TikTok for more than a year and likes to publish his videos, which he makes on Sunday, which is his only free time.

"I think the basic thing is complaining that we can work, dance, sing and do what is good, in front of the camera and load it to make the world excited and ultimately become famous," the BBC

"I do not know about everyone, but, I feel very excited and happy when someone likes my video."

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Laurie Elle checks the application every day and engages in some of the challenges

Laurie Elle is a 20-year-old man from Manchester who has over 2.5 million followers at TikTok and has been invited to some of her offline events. As a dancer, she mainly uses it to share dance videos.

It says the application is very easy to use. "You can record videos directly from the phone and add effects to the application; you do not need any professional equipment to use TikTok.

"Trends in the app are also very popular, fun and easy to integrate, giving everyone the opportunity to share their own content and become creative," she said.

She told the BBC that while the application is largely free from "negative content", it is a web site where she personally receives "the most negative comments and messages", although TikTok has the ability to disable them.

I like or hate it; it would be difficult to avoid it soon, partly because every time a meme or clip from an application appears on the web, the trademark on it is marked with watermarks, people who are invited to visit The site is a smart product whose name stands out in the middle of anonymous web content.

This and the fact that it focused on one thing – a user-driven video – could mean that Bytedance can achieve the fact that the larger, competitive platform, such as Tencent and Baidu, are not-embroiled in the conscience of Western users.

"It's interesting that something so unique has done this over the highly successful WeChat in China. Many people looked at WeChat and thought it would be a crossover application," McEleny said.

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Why did the transformation become a challenge, involving nine million people?

"While most young Chinese people will continually order, pay and socialize with him, this behavior is not translated into Europe and America."

TikTok boasted with visibility in America when US Jimmy Fallon's talk show manager promoted the application and launched the #TumbleweedChallenge campaign.

In this challenge, people on the ground are transferred to music related to western films.

Since November 2018, when Mr. Fallon referred to The Tonight Show, more than nine million videos of #TumbleweedChallenge were tagged in the app.

For TikTok, it seems that there is not a moment when it moves across more countries, and at the same time it collects new users.

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