Thousands of ATMs begin charging a massive blow to consumers


The company, which operates one-fifth of free ATMs in the United Kingdom, will start charging customers nearly 1 pound to take money.

Notemachine says it will launch a new 95-fold refund for roughly half its 10,500 ATMs.

This move came about after the banks lowered the exchange fees paid by ATM operators such as Notemachine for each withdrawal from 25p to 22.5p.

Peter McNamara, head of the Notemachine Group, told Daily Mail: "It's not just sustainable and it causes a drop in the number of ATMs in the country."

Other Notemachine ATMs, acting on behalf of supermarkets and other businesses, are likely to remain vacant.

Currently, there are 63,300 ATMs in the United Kingdom, of which 11,100 are being paid for use.

However, according to Which? In the last six months of 2018, almost half of these handsfree machines have disappeared.

Experts have warned that the loss of ATMs will be detrimental to older and small companies that rely on cash.

Notemachine has not set a date for a new levy.


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