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This is chapter 2 Trailer: Pennywise returned to hell Movies


Are you ready for more clowns? New trailer for To: The second chapter arrived after yesterday's Comic-Con event near ScareDiego, where a new clip was debuted – and looks bloody daunting. Speaking of the other half of Stephen King's classic horror novel, he follows the Loser's old club 27 years after the events of the first chapter, when Pennywise returns to claim his next series of victims. And yeah, he'll still be haunting your nightmares.

It is a self-confident trailer that calls crime after re-introducing new adult music – including James McAvoy, such as Bill Denborough, Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh, and Bill Hader as Richie Tozer – and reveals Pennywise a return to Derry. From there, the trailer once again shows that this is a full frightening hit – with great things like his fears. He was greatly irritated by the carnival account, where the "fun house" does not seem to contain much fun. Do not enter the Hall of Mirrors, guys – this is Horror Survival 101. There are also some interesting triangular visions – plus Chastain, which is flooded with huge amounts of blood, and a new glimpse of Bill Skarsgård, who again takes on the role of clown-demon.

To: The second chapter

Depending on how well the director Andy Muschietti and his younger actor have recently caused soft fears and real emotions, hopefully this trick will repeat. We'll figure out when To: The second chapter in the cinemas of the United Kingdom on 6 September.

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