The yoga shooter seemed to have produced misogynistic videos


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. "A chubby military veteran and a former teacher who made videos to women and blacks, years before he shot two boys in a Florida Yoga studio, he injured five others and then killed himself.

The Friday evening pickup in a busy upscale shopping district shook state capital and the police said they were still looking for a motive that led to Florida State University student death and a well-known local doctor who was a member of the school faculty.

But the details began with the 40-year-old Scott Paul Beierle within hours, including once forbidding the FSU campus and being arrested twice to seize women even after the charges were finally dropped.

Beierle, who moved to Deltona's central Florida city after earning a degree from the FSU, appeared to put a series of videos on YouTube in 2014, where black men were called "whores", many black women were "disgusting "and described himself as a moody man.

Tallahassee police spokesman does not confirm or deny that the videos were Beierle's. However, the man speaking in the video looks like Beierle and the biographical data mentioned in the videos correspond to the facts known in Beierle, including the details of the military service. The poster's YouTube username should include the word "Scott", Beierle's first name. The existence of videos was first reported by BuzzFeed.

In one of the videos, man said that whimsical women deserve crucifixion and suggested that land mines be placed in order to prevent people from passing through the United States from Mexico.

In another video, the man who appeared to Beierle resembled the teenager Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old student who died six students and wounded more than a dozen people near Santa Barbara, California, before killing himself in 2014, Rodger was self-known "incel", short of "involuntary celibacy."

According to the Tallahassee police, Beierle fired six men and fired a pistol after joining the yoga studio where he is located on the second floor of the shopping mall near the fashionable neighborhoods of the city. Police Chief Tallahassee, Michael DeLeo, said some of them in the studio were brave enough to try to stop him.

Witnesses at the mall reported that people in the studio ran away and sought refuge in nearby bars and restaurants while shooting shots.

The police replied within a few minutes but then Beirele fired tirelessly and the police sought a motif and a community to wonder what caused the violence.

"This is a place that brings joy and peace to me, and I think it's broken," said Katie Bohnett, a yoga studio instructor who missed his usual Friday practice to meet a boyfriend for dinner. – This monster has ruined it.

The police say Beierle was acting alone, but he was still investigating what caused the shooting. He was originally from New York, serving the military, and was once a teacher in Maryland. After the military service he boarded the FSU.

Kristie Malone, who ended up with Beierle, said in a Facebook message that she was not closer to her in the classroom because she was "weird, lazy, wrong with her comments and general behavior."

"I know that myself and some female colleagues have pointed out that she can never be alone with her at school because of her strange behavior," Malone said.

Mike Orgo, who was friendly to Beierle on Facebook, said that he met him in 2011 at the comedy nightly microphone festivals at the Tallahassee restaurant. She said she did not know her well, but said she was "definitely angry and sharp."

The witness told the police that he had entered the studio as a customer of Beierle and started shooting without warning. The police have not said what kind of weapon they are using. Bohnett said he did not recognize Beierle.

The two murdered Friday university officials said he was a student and instructor at Florida State University. The department was Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, 61, and Maura Binkley, 21. Binkley was an Atlanta student who graduated in May. According to the police, two other victims were in stable condition and released three out of the hospital.

I was Vessem, an internist, who was also the Capital Health Plan, the director of the leading health care organization in the area.

The court records show that in 2016, the Beierle was charged by the police with the battery to grab his leg and seized the woman's bottom in a residential park. The records show that the charges were finally laid off after Beierle followed the terms of the deferred criminal procedure.

The Beierle was also charged with the battery in 2012 to seize the women's bottoms in a campus dining room. The FSU police report shows that Beierle told the police that he had accidentally collided with someone but denied anyone grab it.

In 2014, Beierle was accused of having FSU banned. They saw the FSU volleyball coach at the campus's gymnasium and was told that the university was forbidden. A month later the police found him in the campus's restaurant.

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