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The new review of the Porsche Cayman GT4 2019 is a bit special


Porsche admits that GT4 will not bring a lot of money to the company. At 75,348 lbs this is not a complete loss, but given that it contains most of the 911 GT3 and brakes, it has a brand new and discernable brilliant atmospheric 4.0 liter engine in its heart and has 50 percent more power than the previous Cayman GT4, it is not surprising that Porsche is an extremely expensive production vehicle. With a small profit margin that matches.

Nevertheless, it seems that the buyer punter is absolutely advantageous in the light of the above. It is important that it is only available with a six-speed manual gearbox for the time being, although the PDK will follow next year. It's about 12 seconds faster than the previous GT4 around Nurburgring – and it has set a lap time equal to the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 liter. On the road, a more smooth riding and a touch is more civilized than before, although it is still a wild animal in the heart. "Totally incomprehensible" car in Porsche's words. Enough said.

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Engine, gearbox and time 0-60

The GT4 is powered by a 4.0-liter, light-alloy six-wheel drive that produces 414bhp and has an earthed red line of 8000rpm. The maximum torque of 420Nm is actually the same as before, but is developed in a much wider range of rotation between 5000-6800 rpm. The engine is developing a new 3.0-liter turbo-turbo new 992, but was made to a 1.0-liter bigger and was removed. Despite the similarity in size and in the measurements of hole and walk, it has nothing to do with the GT3 engine.

The gearbox is six-speed manual with unusually long ratios in the first and second; The GT4 will make 85 km / h in the second gear. The features of the box have an auto-switch function that can switch to shift to a lower gear and works in practice. The gear lever is also shorter than before for more precise movements, while on the rear there is a mechanically limited permeability.

The new GT4 weighs more than the old, Porsche recognizes through the teeth, with the weight of the curb being raised by about 35 kg to 1495 kg, mainly due to the installation of new particulate filters in a huge new rear silencer. This will allow the emissions to be friendly for many years. Nevertheless, the latest GT4 can reach 62mph in 4.4 seconds (same as the old car), but faster than before before reaching 124km / h. The maximum speed has increased from 180 km / h to 188 km / h.

Technical accents

At the heart of the GT4 is a 4.0 liter straight six engines, we know. However, on the aerodynamic and chassis fronts, he has made the biggest steps forward. Downforce is 50 percent higher compared to the old car due to the combination of a large rear wing, a true chassis diffuser and a more aggressive front manifold. At the highest speed of 188 km / h, the new GT4 produces 122kg of descending force, says Porsche, which is remarkable, as it is relatively unmistakable on the wing and slats.

The chassis is essentially a version of the GT3 with a mid-engine, and it's probably a less compromised version of the GT3. There is no hydraulic scam, and unlike the GT3, there is no rear wheel steering system. In this respect, the GT4 is even more pure in its approach than the GT3, although both cars have almost the same braking system, with a large volume of steel rotors on each corner, which Porsche admits is "probably too big for GT4". Ceramic discs are available for an additional £ 5597.

Really smart things appear under the car, which has a serious appearance of a diffuser, which in itself adds an additional 30% of the lower force. The rear is a conventional mechanical limited-slip system, and tires are custom and even more soft, the Michelin Pilot Cup 2s.

How to drive?

A bloody epic, quite frankly. The old GT4 did not have a particular attraction, but this new version goes to a different level – subjectively and objectively, i.e. Towards the stopwatch or around the track.

The new engine may be interconnected in nature with the 992 model, but in practice it seems that every inch is the true Porsche GT engine. The engine response is very powerful at all speeds above 4500 rpm, and under it you can feel an additional torque, even if the second gear is a bit long, which makes you feel a bit cautious at, say, 45mph in the gear. The secret is that the handle rotates over 5000 rpm all the time, although true magnificence is reserved for the last 2000 rpm when GT4 feels and feels – stupid.

The gearbox is also remarkable, especially the new auto-blinking function when downhill. There has never yet been tilting and harvesting so enjoyable, yet you still have the joy and connection with the correct, short-term manual gearbox at the same time, plus you can turn off the blip car if you are partially on the pair. genuine leather gloves.

As far as chassis, steering, brakes and body control are concerned, it's hard to know where to start. Or, more precisely, when we will stop with a tidal wave of praise. GT4 is that rare car that combines a real feeling, a real interaction and, consequently, a great emotional connection, while providing a huge objectivity. In other words, it seems to be massively exciting and massively fast, and it is. And the sound clip it creates, and which tracks every shift above 5000 rpm, it is enough to occasionally bring very slight tears. In short, it's really pretty good.

Price and competitors

The GT4 sales price of 75, 348 pounds puts one of the mid-range engines at that level in the league, and this is before you to mention the fact that it is 100% epic for driving. Jaguar F Type SVR costs more money and does not even look at GT4. The McLaren 570S still costs twice as much money and the pound sterling can be overcome by GT4. An incredible car at an incredible price and one that is totally free from rivals at the moment.

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