The man's way to Australia is destroyed when he loses his passport at departure


The British, who moved to Australia, had his plans when he lost his passport after a hard trip.

Andrew Cosgrove, from Saughton Mains, Edinburgh, interrupted his apartment and paid his phone contract ready for a new home and service, which he organized in Melbourne.

Now, a 27-year-old man would be forced to give up his dream of Down Under, after waking up on November 11 without his passport.

Andrew Cosgrove's Australian plan was postponed (Photo: @andrewcosgroveh)

Mizar was then forced to miss his flight on Thursday, after his visa conditions prevented travel to an extraordinary document.

"I built this year on this, everyone called me" Andy Ozgrove "," Mr Cosgrove was joking.

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"In Melbourne, I had a job, an apartment, everything I paid for, I'm not sure what the situation is now.

"I planned to fly on Thursday, so I lost a lot on airplanes and after I canceled the lease with the owner, he found new tenants, so I'm not sure what will happen."

Mr Cosgrove had fun with his friends at a nightclub in Shanghai before returning to his home for home entertainment on Sunday morning.

27-year-old could not travel with an urgent passport with his visa (Picture: Getty Images)

He believes that the passport lost somewhere between the apartment and Stenhouse Drive, where the group left the cab.

"I have a little bit of that for myself, but people I do not even know ask if I'm the one who heard it on Twitter," said Cosgrove.

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"On the second night I was in Nando and someone asked me if I still found my passport.

"Someone had to pick it up and give it somewhere, I want to know."

Mr Cosgrove offers a GBP 200 prize to anyone who finds his passport, otherwise his plans will have to wait until he gets a new one.

He added: "It's funny in a way, I thought it could only happen to me, but I really want to go back."


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