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The H1Z1 Pro League will be shut down due to many problems

Oh, the H1Z1 Pro League, we barely knew. The word came this morning that the Lisbon League would be closed in the store for more questions. Co-President Twin Galaxies Jace Hall they sent a message to the players and organizers to whom the ESPN got a copy so that everyone knew that 2ND Split was suspended for an indefinite period and that all those who participated in the league were exempt from their duties.

The news comes after a number of issues in the league, including a delay in paying scholarships for league teams, as well as an incorrect visitor classification for their players, in accordance with the VPEsports report endorsed by the ESPN.

As part of the league, each team received $ 400,000 per year – a total of $ 6 million in 15 teams, according to ESPN sources. $ 400,000 would be paid in two installments: one for the first division of the year, the second for the second division. $ 125,000 for players' wages were allocated from the cash amount to the division, while the other $ 75,000 were intended to create content and other costs. On the basis of the league agreements, these payments were made to the teams seven weeks before the start of the league stage.

According to some different websites, teams such as Cloud9, Team SoloMid, Counter Logic, and others, due to any financial problems, have to pay teams for the loss of their organizations. In essence, they pay players money guaranteed without having to play. At this point, it is almost safe to say that in addition to the independent running of competitions, H1Z1 Esports on a large scale is much more.

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