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"The Game of Thrones" by Nikolai Coster-Waldau, who is on Boic



Game of Thrones Star Nikolai Coster-Waldau is expected to face an unexpected reaction when fans of San Diego Comic-Con fans worshiped this weekend.

Players who play Jaime Lannister were joined by celebrities, including Isaac Hempstead Wright and Maisie Williams when they discussed the big response that the last season of the Thrones had – which turned out to be extremely disruptive among the fans.

Usually enthusiasts, Nikolai mocked the audience when he described the deaths of Jaime and Cersei, who saw that they had died side by side – buried under ruins in a crypt under the Red Temple.

This happens after Star Conleth Hill responded to the reaction she made during the final season of the show in Comic Con, and labeled it "a media-driven hate campaign."

The player who presented Lord Vary on the HBO series of fantasies participated on the Comic-Con 2019 panel on Friday (July 19th). He joined ShortcutsAnd Jacob Anderson, Liam Cunningham, John Bradley and more to cope with the "burning issues" of fans surrounding the 8th season

"I did an interview with the interview EW after the show, "Conleth said. "The question was:" How did you feel at that time? "I was very honest that I was gutted to be so close and not finished. That's why I thought that I answered very honestly about how I felt, but I said this in the context of the fact that this is one of the risks of being in an exhibition with several characteristics.

Coster-Waldau already described the reaction to the show as "stupid".

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