The first photo of a black hole "proves that we are fighting against the apocalypse," warns a frenzied preacher


The first world picture of a black hole is evidence that humanity is on its way to death, a real conspiracy theorist.

The evangelical pastor Paul Begley of Indiana, USA, claims that the time this week is similar is not a coincidence, and is a sign of the end of humanity at the hand of our creator.

    The first painting on the black hole was published this week


The first painting on the black hole was published this week

The preacher made serious claims in his 95-minute tricks that he posted on his channel on YouTube.

Regarding the breakthrough image of this week, which scientists released on Wednesday, he said that the physics of singularity of the black hole is related to the end times.

Begley said: "Do you understand that space and time are the same?

"Well, let's do a little physics of Paul Begley. I'm not a physicist, but space and time are the same.

    Pastor Paul Begley did another of his doomsday prediction
Pastor Paul Begley did another of his doomsday prediction

"So if the space tightens, the time is accelerating – oh no, you're not going with me."

Begley says that humanity is always on the path to "the ultimate conclusion of God."

If the black hole is a sign that time is accelerating, as it is, it means that its presence shows that we are accelerating against the apocalypse.

According to Begley: "Angel will have one foot on the land, one foot in the sea and declared that time will not be anymore."

The disputed pastor has in the past made many unsuccessful requests for the Judgment Day.

In January, he said that we would all see the final times when Moonlight overturned.

The Moon's Moon is a very common occurrence on the Moon when Moon passes into the shadow of the Earth.

But after Begley, this was a sign that the Apocalypse was soon hit by our planet. Apparently she never made it.

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