The best Black Friday 2018 smartphone providers


The smart speakers that were sold today have surpassed the first-generation products, so now it's time to immerse your fingers in water if you have been resistant to the time. And with numerous interventions that are before Black Friday, you do not have to pay a full price.

Things about smart speakers are that when you have one, you want someone else to take you to another part of your home and as long as you do not have in each room, you do not have too much.

Many retailers this year extend their sales to black Friday, starting just before the day, so we are trying to keep an eye on it, but we did most of the hard work by rounding off the best deals here.

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The best sound speakers

Best smart speaker discounts: what to look for

The first thing to choose is which server you want. There are three: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri.

The latter is only available in Apple's HomePod home, so the choice of speakers is simple, as there is only one model.

HomePod's discounts are hard to find, with most retailers offering only 20 pounds with a normal price of 319 euros.

The choice between assistants is not easy, but it will greatly reduce the hardware you already had and whether it is compatible with each assistant. If they already had an iPhone or iPad, they would only go for HomePod because it will not work with Android.

Similarly, if you already have smart bulbs and smart switches, it makes sense to invest in a smart speaker that allows you to control them with your voice, so check with your colleague before you buy a speaker.

If you mainly live in the Google world and subscribe to Google Music, it's good to go with Google's assistant. On the contrary, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime and / or Amazon Music Unlimited, it makes more sense to go with Alexo.

Alexa vs. Google Now

In terms of Alex and Google Assistant, both are constantly evolving, so today it's difficult to make a decision based on their capabilities. However, they are as good (and poor) as any other in general. They are not really intelligent and you still need to express your command or question in the right way to understand what you think.

There is a wide range of speakers for Alexa and Google Assistant, which move around in price and sound quality from very affordable to very expensive. It may be tempting to buy an older model, but first do your homework and make sure you do not regret it. For example, some older Amazon Echos are not compatible with a new subwoofer (or they will not allow you to create a stereo pair).

Entrances and exits

Most speakers are designed as a stand-alone utility to turn off network power. In general, you can pair them with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and play music from these devices, but if you want to connect your own speakers, select a 3.5mm model.

And if you want to play music from a device that does not have Bluetooth, make sure you get one with a 3.5mm audio input.

Some do not have audio inputs or outputs other than Bluetooth.

Where to find smart speaker offers

You will save with Amazon Echo, Google Home and other speakers from many retailers, especially towards the end of the year with a black Friday and before the Christmas season.

We recommend that you compare the price of a model you like against at least two to three retailers and of course against the Amazon if you have not already done so.

Amazon is one of the best places to see it first, especially if you want Echo. Amazon sells "Certified Refurbished" models that look new and come with a one year warranty, so they have great deals when you find them.

You can find Amazon Deal of the Day, which discounts are offered for a limited amount of time (usually only a few hours) or until the stock runs out.

If you are not a member of the government and you have never been, you can sign up for Amazon's 30-day free trial version of Prime, which will not only bring you access to Lightning, which will be working 30 minutes earlier than members without a president, free shipping the next day.

Premier also includes Amazon Video, which can be accessed via most smart TVs, and Prime Music, which allows you to play 2 million songs.

There are other retailers in the United Kingdom, such as Argos, AO, Currys in It's Very Always Worth Keeping John Lewis – The company's policy goals in terms of prices mean that you'll find some of the best deals and better customer service, and often a longer warranty.

The best sound speakers


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