Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – where to find Ax to kill protected enemies


Most of his time in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice survives in a sword match, refuses enemy attacks and strikes back to overwhelm the opponent and open him for devastating blows. But some enemies find it harder to deal with others, and no man's cat works can break up some kind of powerful shield. Here Shinobi prostheses come in and various tools that offer you options on the battlefield, which are great for dealing with specific types of enemies.

You will not start with many Shinobi prosthesis tools in Sekiro – but you have to find them in the world and bring them to a sculptor in a decaying temple so that you can access them. This means that there are many who can simply be missed, and if you can not find the right prosthetics, you can at the right time put yourself in a seriously worse situation against some heavy bosses and middle bosses. You will also have too little resources to overcome some of the more irritating ordinary enemies until you find the right tools.

Shinobi Ax is one of the earliest prosthetics you will definitely want, as it is excellent for breaking shields and wooden hats of small, but serious Senpou killers. But if you are not looking for enough, you can walk past the chopper and this will make your progress a little more irritating. Here is all you need to know to grab this early prosthetic tool. While you are in this, you may want to find out where to grab the Flame Vent, which will help you take the boss of Chained Ogre and the fighter that are excellent to fight Gyoubu. And take a look at our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review, and our rundowns about how death works and how to treat Dragonrot.

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Visit Ash's periphery to find the property

Ax Shinobi is actually located in the Hirata estate, where you can only access through a specific search element that allows you to visit one of Wolf's old memories. The element you need is a bell that you can get from the character early in the first area you visit, the edge of Ashine. Go to the outskirts of the Wall – Gate trail area, past the samurai in the middle of the boss you will be close to the battle when you arrive. In the next, more open space, you will find many enemies that will patrol around, and more ruined houses. There's an old woman in her who thinks you're her son when you talk to her. If you let her believe you, she will give you a bell and ask you to donate to Be.

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This bell is the subject of the search you are looking for. Take him back to the ruinous temple and offer him a statue of Buddha at the sculptor. This will give you access to Hirata Estate for three years in the past.

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Make your way through the estate

When you are in the estate, you will have to advance in a certain area. Fight through the first part until you reach Idol with the "Estate Path" mark. This is the part where you will find Shinobi Ax, although you will have to do a little work to achieve it.

In the idol you will be on a journey that leads through some enemies to the closed doors. If you want to get around the door, you will have to jump over the wall to the right side of the road and drive past some huts and houses. If you have already found a flame denture, you must go past that to reach Ax. Advance through the yards until you go through an area with a range of huts where the enemy will hang at the fireplace. The way in front of the fire will take you back to the main road, but you will not be able to open the other side of the door. You must transfer the damaged samurai, which tells you that the Shinobi Ax is located in the nearby shrine.

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Search for the sanctuary

When you pass Samurai and return to the main road, you can turn left or right. On the right you will see two enemies standing on the door and where you can listen. Instead, turn left towards the locked door. Jump up to the wall on your left and you will see two more enemies speaking just over it. Getting conversations shows that they are talking about burning a nearby building called the temple. This is the place you are looking for.

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Drop down and take those two guys, then open a small square building to find Shinobi Ax inside. You must return to the Idol statue to return to a weakened temple and to place the sculptor on the prosthesis, but you can do so quickly by opening the locked door – open from the side Go forward, allowing you a quick way back to Idol .

When you have Ax, use it to promote the poor with a strong, powerful attack and to break anyone. You will find those enemies who protect the shield just before the main road through Hirata, so you want Ax to be ready to go as soon as possible.


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