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Scientists have discovered how to build future space stations within asteroids – RT World News

Future research outside the planet can be based on new research based on space stations built within the vast asteroids. This move would prevent the harmful effects of weightlessness and provide a ready source of valuable minerals.

Interest in the mining of asteroids and the bringing of their valuable minerals back to Earth has increased in recent years, which may have been prompted by the NASA estimate for 2016 that there are enough minerals in space rocks that allow $ 100 billion to each Earth.

The possibility of using minerals on asteroids could potentially provide essential resources for longer-term space missions for the construction or supply of fuel on the go.

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However, the possibility of launching the probe into space for the disconnection of unused resources is stopped mainly due to one major challenge – gravity. It is very difficult to successfully use a hammer on the surface of most asteroids, since the lack of gravity causes most of the equipment to be useless.

However, do not be afraid, a study carried out by a team at the University of Vienna in Austria says that one of the possible solutions to this issue is simply the inclusion of a mining operation in the asteroid and the use of a rapid rotation of the scale to create simulated gravity.

"If we find an asteroid that is sufficiently stable, we may not need these aluminum walls or anything else, you may be able to use the entire asteroid as a space station., "Said the head of the study dr. Thomas Maindl.

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The team says that finding asteroid with real gravitational rotation is crucial for the success of the operation. Their mathematical calculations show that the asteroid should be made of solid rock and rotate one to three times per minute, which creates gravity of approximately 38 percent of the earth's surface and similar to that of Mars.

Other disruptive factors with such an undertaking mean that the concept remains for decades and even dr. Maindl acknowledged that the idea confuses the boundaries between science and science fiction:My feeling is that at least 20 years will pass before some asteroid mining happens, let alone something like that. «

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