Save £ 300 and get the lowest Pixelbook price with this early agreement on the fourth Friday


Black Friday agreements have been landed quite a bit this year, not because we complain about the fact that we have been waiting for such an offer all year long. Google Pixelbook has just been reduced to its lowest price in the UK, saving you an incredible 300 pounds with a RRP with a $ 699 promotional price with John Lewis – plus a two-year warranty.

If you have an Argos gift card that washes the hole in your pocket, you can get it for a similar £ 699.99, even if there is no two-year warranty.

Google Pixelbook is a highly successful Chromebook, but it has been very unbelievably expensive since the beginning, with retailers inexorably holding those 999 GBP. The lowest price we previously saw was $ 799.99 at in June, and the next best price today is 879 pounds on Amazon. Not that we staggered the price of Google Pixelbook or anything else – even maybe a little.

Google Pixelbook £ 999 £ 699 on John Lewis
This Pixelbook is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB hard disk drive, four HD displays and i5 processor. We are surprised that we have seen such a big discount, because we thought that the previous best price of GBP 799 would be the same as it did for a while. We decided to let John Lewis first respond to a two-year warranty. But here is the Argos link, if you'd prefer to save it.
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2-in-1 Pixelbook uses Google's Chrome OS instead of Windows, thousands of paid and free apps for work and play are available at the Play Store. This is a genuine response device and we found it incredibly liberating because it's not connected to the cumbersome Windows OS.

If £ 699 is too expensive for everything you need, be sure to check out our cheap laptops. And it will load multiple offers to come in the coming weeks or so of both traders, and we will highlight the best deals on our Argos Black Friday Deals and John Lewis Black Friday's page deals.


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