Police open fire when Ukrainian ambassador's car stabbed in western London UK News


Police opened fire on a vehicle in front of the Ukrainian embassy in western London after the driver deliberately stabbed himself in the official British ambassador's car.

The official statement of the embassy said that the police called on the scene in the Holland Park area on Saturday morning and tried to block the vehicle's offender, but continued to hit the car parked before the embassy.

It was also run by police officers who said in the embassy that they were forced to "take weapons to the vehicle of the perpetrator".

Scotland Yard confirmed that at the scene of the incident, a man was arrested in his 40s, which was used for prudence in London's central hospital following the use of firearms and guns.

Damage is visible on the window of the car
Damage is visible on the window of the car

Ambassador Natalia Galibarenko was not at the embassy at the time, and no other staff was injured.

The police said that the men who arrested him did not suffer any injuries and that the incident was not considered a threat.

Chief Superintendent Andy Walker, of the specialized firearms, Met, said: "As is the standard procedure, an investigation is currently under way to resolve police firearms during this incident.

"While this is happening, I would like to express my appreciation to the police officers who were engaged in the morning to react quickly to this event and thus endanger themselves, as every day, so that people in London will be safe."

Police at the scene at Holland Park. Image: Roni Greenfield
Police at the scene at Holland Park. Image: Roni Greenfield

One of the witnesses, a woman working in a nearby shop, said she heard lightning twice.

She said police officers arrived "very fast" and saw "a lot of police cars".

Police officers stayed at the scene of the day, with a silver car parked across the street with an open trunk and a damaged front window of the driver.

In the meantime, the Directorate for Occupational Standards was informed of the incident.

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