Pokemon Go Community Day for April 2019: Time, Pokemon Shown, and Event Move


Niantic has some major events that have been prepared for Pokemon Go next week, from the special Latios Raid to the return of the annual Eggstravaganz. Previously, the developer organizes the April day of the community. Monthly event is back on Saturday, April 13th, which gives players around the world another opportunity to earn bonuses and capture some of the rare Pokemon – including the new Shiny.

As in the previous months, the April Day of the Community will take only three hours, during which you will be able to find an increased amount of poker this month. Although the duration is always the same, details about each day of the community – for example, when it starts and what other bonuses you can earn – usually vary from month to month, so we rounded out all the important details you need to know about the event this month below .

What is Pokemon?

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Every day community, Niantic calls one "shows" Pokemon, which will serve as the star of the event. Through the Community Day, Pokemon shows that it will be more often in the wild than usual, which makes it a good opportunity to stock up on them. In addition, Community Days usually offers players the first opportunity to capture the Shiny version of Pokemon that is presented this month, and the monster can learn special moves if it develops completely until the end of the event.

Pokemon for the April Day of the community is Bagon, the first fan-popular Dragon Pokemon Salamence. During the events, Bagon will be much more common than usual, and you will have the first opportunity to catch Shiny Bagon. Moreover, if you manage to develop a Bagon all the way to Salamanca until one hour after the end of the event, it will automatically recognize the powerful attack of the dragons. Burning.

When does it start?

Until the previous month, Niantic traditionally held every day of the community for a specific time period, which was different from your region; For example, in North America, for example, the event will always run from 11 am to 2 pm, while the European Community Day will be from 10 am to 1 pm UTC.

However, since March, Niantic has changed the timetable for community days. Instead of the event taking place at certain times in each region, it will now take place everywhere 3-6 hours local time. This should greatly ease the memory when the community day is happening, as you no longer need to change the time of the event to the time zone.

What other bonuses do you have?

Together with the larger pokemon, Niantic offers several other bonuses on the day-to-day community day as an additional incentive to depart and participate in the event. You will earn this month three times the usual amount of XP to capture Pokemon throughout the community. In addition, the Lure modules – usually lasting only 30 minutes – remain active for three hours during an event.


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