Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, a heartfelt reason for leaving Kensington Royal Palace News


Duke and the Duke of Sussex, with the help of a new consultant, Sara Latham, increased their new stand-alone profile. The Royal couple launched a new Instagram profile, collaborated with Oprah Winfrey and issued a birth plan. However, the couple feels as if they are "a world against them."

Source told Daily Telegraph: "Harry and Meghan wanted to build their own team and they do not want their staff to work for Cambridge.

"They wanted autonomy and thought it was a big disadvantage to be in the Buckingham Palace.

"There is a feeling that sometimes Sussexs think that the world is against them.

"Harry always complained about William being rounded up, but now I think they see it as an opportunity to truly spread their wings."

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Sussexes worked with Ms Winfrey in a documentary series on mental health.

She explained that the couple will be a "co-creator" and a joint "executive producer" on the project.

Harry said earlier: "I really believe that good mental health – mental ability – the key to strong leadership, productive communities and a dedicated self."

The couple also announced that they would run their own birth plans privately.

Both publications coincided with the appointment of the new PR gurus, Ms. Latham.

According to Harry, former consultant Bill and Hillary Clinton followed a negative press in the vicinity of Meghan.

Former spokesman Prince Charles Paddy Harverson has been instructed to help recruit Ms. Latham, says The Daily Telegraph.

She also participated in Obama's election campaign.


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