Lions Clubs International Foundation celebrates World Diabetes Day in India


New Delhi, November 14: Lions Clubs International is the largest global humanitarian alliance with 14.7 lakh members, including 2.9 lakh members in India. It is a global fund, the Lions Clubs International Foundation, channeling donations from Lions worldwide to the most efficient projects serving the needs.

On the World Diabetes Day on 14 November, LCIF will distribute 700 diabetes kits and carry out control of sugar for more than 2 patients with patients through Lions clubs throughout the country.

Lions clubs in India are suppressing the growth of diabetes through awareness, diagnostic camps and the treatment of patients from the visually impaired areas.

This was announced by Lion Dr. Naresh Aggarwal, President of the Lions Club International Foundation, at a press conference on the World Diabetes Day today in New Delhi. Other high representatives of Lions Clubs International included Lion V K Luthra, LCCIA President, Lion J P Singh, Director of the Management Board, LCCIA and Lion Nawal J Malu, Finance Director, LCCIA, who attended the initial conference.

Lion dr. Naresh Aggarwal, president of the LCIF and the immediate past President of the LCI, said: "Last year, as an international president, I started the LCI on my bravest way – turning the irresistible 6 root Indians suffer from diabetes, this number doubles every 15 years, but Lions have joined together to master tidal conditions Diabetes also causes many other diseases affecting the heart, blood, lungs and eyes. The cause of death is simply too much blood sugar, and 90% of cases can only be greeted with a healthier lifestyle. The remaining 10% need drugs, usually insulin. "

Developing your initiative Mr. Aggarwal explained: "Our sincere and dedicated effort to create awareness camps and host camps for patients earned us the Guinness Book of Records for the largest lesson on diabetes last year, in which we set a benchmark by organizing seminars for more as 22,250 people on one day after India. This year we intend to touch the lives of a huge population of over 2 lacs across the country. The rationale is to create awareness of this disorder and act as a catalyst in generating the severity of diabetes and testing them in order to be able to receive appropriate medical assistance. The LCIF has the best doctors, dedicated volunteers and skilled workers who are particularly careful in this review for people. 14-18, 2018, where our experts will do sugar tests and distribute more than 700 diabetes kits including glucometers and 2 lac strips and lancets for humans e coming for the sugar test. "

"We have developed an agenda for the World Diabetes Day, such as the exchange of leaflets on the prevention of diabetes. We installed equipment in public parks for people from adjoining areas and enjoyed a fresh environment. We plan to establish a Diabetes Center in Delhi , for which identification is being carried out, "added Mr. Aggarwal.

Prepared for the global presence of addressing the threat of diabetes and other initiatives, Mr. Aggarwal said: "Over the last 50 years, LCIF has paid donations worth over $ 1 billion worldwide, including Diabetes projects. In general, we have enabled 9.1 million eye operations around the world. For campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service – goal is $ 300 million in the next three years. For that year, LCIF is building 500 houses for people affected by floods in Kerala, India, "concluded Mr. Aggarwal.


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