Great UK broadband providers offer the "bad" service – the Money report


The largest broadband access providers in the United Kingdom allow their customers low-cost services, according to a survey conducted by a consumer group. TalkTalk and Sky were named the worst suppliers.

BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media deliver almost nine out of ten broadband customers, but Which? said that "year after year" are those providers who have occupied the bottom of their scale.

The smaller provider of Zen Internet has reached the peak in the latest survey on broadband satisfaction based on the survey 8.063 Which? January. Second place was Utility Warehouse, an energy and communications company promoted by Joanna Lumley.

Which one? said that TalkTalk and Sky are "rooted at the bottom of the latest scales," as both companies achieved only 50%.

Natalie Hitchins, head of the consumer goods and services department, said that it was outrageous that the biggest providers dropped their buyers with "towed broadband", especially considering that long-standing customers were most likely to pay too much.

December 2018, Which? they argued that broadband users who stayed with the same provider and did not seek to better offer, were on average hit by "loyalty punishments" up to 220 GBP per year.

"Anyone who is dissatisfied with their current provider should regain control and move to a better offer. You can get a better service and save hundreds of pounds a year, "said Hitchins.

Despite the fact that he had a good reputation for good deals, some members of TalkTalk criticized the quality of their customer service and technical support, with the findings of the survey failing to achieve in any category, including the value for money.

TalkTalk users were also most likely to suffer from very low speeds and frequent interruptions in connections over the past 12 months.

TalkTalk spokesman said: "Although these results are disappointing, we have seen more customers than ever stay with us as we continue to introduce major service improvements."

Sky has improved slightly in most categories as TalkTalk, but two-thirds of Sky users (67%) said what? It is likely that you would change the provider.

BT, the UK's largest broadband provider, also received a relatively low result (51%), with some customers claiming that they do not bring value.

Virgin Media reached a 58% customer rating, but its customers were "by far the most likely" to complain about price increases.

Virgin Media answered the findings: "We are pleased that our customers are most satisfied with the main UK broadband providers and clearly recognize the benefits of our ultra-fast network. We continue to invest about 1 billion pounds a year into our network, as well as our products and services … we are committed to providing first-class services to our customers. "

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Vodafone dropped the most in the list, falling to the bottom half of the overall fourth poll in the spring of 2018, despite a 58% customer result.

Seven out of ten people who participated in the survey said that they had been with their provider for more than three years.

Ofcom is currently reviewing pricing practices in the broadband market. It also set out proposals that require bidders to advise clients when their contract ends and tell them the best prices available to them.


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