Great moments when playing with a PC: feeding in a vampire: a masquerade – bloodlines


The great moments when playing with the PC are short celebrations of some of the favorite memories of the game.

Vampire: Masquerade – Bloodlines

Developer: Troika Games
Year: 2004

There are many things that you can change about vampires and still recognize them as vampires. Do not like garlic? This is quite optional. To kill you sunlight immediately? Bram Stoker also did not have this. Resistance to sacred symbols? Super optional.

But if you get rid of the need for blood, you do not really have vampires. There are no scenes in the underworld, where one vampire bites, so the feeling ends as a movie about guns with weapons. Fortunately, Bloodlines drinking blood is as important as it should be.

The blood meter is against your health and descends every time you use your vampire powers. If the Beast fails in you, you relax, which means that you will lose control when you take over the frenzy and go to the rampage, which is likely to end when police officers cut you to ashes. To avoid being stored, whenever you can. Of course, you can suck your blood pack from a corrupted man in the blood bank, or you might want to eat a rat. Most of the time means finding a person.

When you first get rid of the streets of Los Angeles, there are some warm bodies around. The homeless applicant is standing in front of your front door, a confused jupie is nearby, a sex worker is walking along the road. It's probably a man who is writing in the street near a nightclub, and in this club you can drive and exit someone with an unclear memory and a hoodwinker.

The moment you bite is never underestimated. It's always the most dramatic. Even if you are playing in the first person, the camera leaves your body to completely frame things, the color drains out of the world, and everything is dark except for the reflectors that shine on you and your victim. Back and back chomp. The aspect revolves, the blood gauge is filled when their health falls, and evenly unk unk unk in someone's life.

Maybe you come back in time, or you let them die and hear this fateful game of chords when they fall out of your hand. Whatever happens, it is never negligible or meaningless. In a game that plays almost everything on top and exaggerates the effect, from clothing to architecture, feeding is nothing. The bloodlines understand that you can not have vampires without blood and do not let them forget it.


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