Final Fantasy XIV The father of the light story gets a new live show


A story about a father, a son playing Final Fantasy XIV along with already inspired live miniseries

Square Enix published on "Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2019 in Tokyo" event on Sunday that Final Fantasy XIV Father of Light (Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otōsan) the story is transformed into a live-action movie with a new layout. The film will be opened in Japan on June 21

The film will star Kentarō Sakaguchi as Akio's son, Kōarō Yoshida as Akio's father. Among other members are also Yui Sakuma as Akio's colleague, Maika Yamamoto as younger Akioji's sister, Ryūta Sat Ak as Akioyeva higher in the workplace, and Naomi Zaizen as Aki's mother. The voice players for a part of the film's games include Yoshino Nanjō, Minako Kotobuki, and Aoi Yūki.

The movie will feature the returning staff. Teruo Noguchi (Secret love, Avatar) directs the series and. t Kiyoshi Yamamoto (AKB Horror Night Adrenaline no Yoru, Tokyo Toybox films) directs parts of the game. Kota Fukihara (live action Pedal Yowamushi live series Tensai Bakabon ~ Kazoku no Kizuna series) writes scripts.

Previous Final Fantasy XIV Father of Light the miniseries were premiered in Japan in April 2017, and also broadcast on Netflix. Netflix he added the series to the US in September 2017.

Yudai Chiba performed in the original series, but now late Ren ugsugi acted as a father. The other members were Fumika Baba, Yoshihiko Hakamada, Yoshino Nanjō, Minako Kotobuki, Aoi Yūki, and Mako Ishino.

Two live action projects have inspired the online Ichigeki Kakusatsu SS Nikki blog based on real experiences. The blog records a father who is over 60 years old and his son when they play Final Fantasy XIV plays together. Projects follow both men, as the game converges, while each of them keeps the secrets.

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