Saturday , July 24 2021

England in West Indies: Ben Stokes says batsmen have not changed their approach

Only three players from England scored half a century in the first two tests

Ben Stokes says the British batsmen of the third test against West India did not come close to a different one, despite the defeat in the first two.

Tourists reached 231-4 on the first day in St Lucia, an improvement after they went for 77, 246, 187 and 132 before the tour.

"People will say" why not have this discipline, why not have this fight ahead "," Stokes said.

"We tried to do the same thing in the first two games."

Even if England did not change their minds, they changed their mind at least when Keaton Jennings dropped out, who returned to the second test, and Joe Denly fell to third place and pioneered Ben Foakes. Bairstow returns his gloves.

England slid to 107-4, while Stokes lost their all-time 62, with a total of 124 with Jos Buttler.

"Today, we came up the same way as we tried in the first two tests," Stokes told the podcast of the Test Match Special. "We did not just show up and you thought we'd do it right now."

Stokes benefited from his resignation at 52 when it was found that Alzheimer Joseph overturned when a man from Durham returned the catch back.

At the time that lasted the decision to be reviewed and overturned, Stokes left the playground, put some of his kit on the edge of the border and returned to the wardrobe.

In the past, the abandonment of the gaming space would mean the end of Stoke's innings, but the change of laws in 2017 meant that it could continue because the next delivery was not made.

He was warned of a change in decision when he hit coach Ramprakash and came back from the wardrobe, past the next Batson Bairstowa, who was already part of the way to the personal door.

"I thought my day was over," he said. "I went to the wardrobe and just sat there. Actually, I thought Jonny got the first ball to get off and that it was a ball.

"I'm happy. I do not take my kit up to 10 or 15 minutes after I'm out. Some people drop their kit immediately, if that happened, I do not know what would happen.

"I had to go there and forget everything. It was as if I was not in the field. They gave me a life jacket and tried not to throw it away."

Stokes doubted the time needed to make the right decision.

"In international cricket, with all the technology and cameras, we should not take that much time to get someone out," he added. "I never left the field and then came back.

"I had to return to the mental framework in which I was in advance and I turned away from the ridiculous side. The Western Indians seemed to him ridiculous, which was the most difficult to solve. Everyone laughed when I came back."

Stokes doubted this test because of a heel problem, but he confirmed that he would be fit to bowl. Before that he said that they would want to build Buttler on the first day of England.

"I do not think that the playground will be easier," he said. "I hope that I and Jos can continue with this partnership and continue to 400."

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