Saturday , July 24 2021

Earth magnetic field could be FLIP and WIPE OUT satellite technology Science | News

Scientists have recently discovered that the northern course from the Canadian Arctic is moving toward Siberia at a speed of 55 kilometers per year. The reason is not known, but it is probably due to a large proportion of liquid iron moving inside the planet. This caused global geomagnetics experts to make an emergency update of the global magnetic model (WMM), where the north pole will change.

The next update was not planned by 2020, but researchers have to do this because of the sudden movement of the Northern Course.

However, the consequences could be much worse, as they could also arise from the possible upward turning into poles, where the north becomes south and vice versa.

In recent years, scientists have been preparing for a potential flip in a magnetic field – a natural phenomenon that occurs every 200,000 to 300,000 years when the north and south poles are switched.

Polys tried to replace 40,000 years ago, but the process collapsed.

The consequence was that the last time the town was replaced, 780,000 years ago, which means that we have long been changing the turnaround.

Scientists have warned that when the process begins, it will take 1000 years.

During this time, the Earth's magnetic field will be compromised, so that living creatures on the planet will be exposed to increased solar radiation.

Monika Korte, head of the GFZ Potsdam Geomagnetic Field Working Group in Germany, said on the Space website: "With regard to increased radiation that would go along with reduced protection, the atmosphere would still provide sufficient protection on the surface of the Earth, that animals and animals would not be significantly affected.

"However, all effects that we see only during strong solar / geomagnetic storms are likely to increase and appear during moderate solar activity.

"This includes the failure of satellites or damage to satellites, increased long-range radiation and ISS (international space station) and the distortion of telecommunications and GPS signals."

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