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Drink your urine? For this, there is a Facebook group. Two, even Novice

Oit does not benefit being part of a social network with more than a billion members: thousands of people who share this "one million" interest will be thousands. Facebook is a paradise for those with rare diseases or niche interests; one is capable of supporting two separate groups of more than 5,000 advocates of "urinary therapy".

It's an old folk medicine for bathing, washing with it and myself, drinking your sore to "cleanse your body and eliminate the disease". Groups that have recently leaked to the wider internet Thanks to the screenshots an outbreak on Reddit and Twitter, a lot of enthusiastic claims about the effectiveness of urine in the treatment of all types of illness.

"Does it work? Better than you can imagine!" The real home page of the 4,981-member Urinary Therapy Group. Another group, "Urinotherapy: REAL UNIVERSAL RIGHTS" (6,674 members), continues to argue that "it opens the door of your soul, healing every part of your being "- but not without caution," use the knowledge you get here wisely, "warns." It can change your life if you decide to do it. "

It's hard to imagine how regular washing in small quantities would not change your life – if you were to release the huge pieces of your social calendar.

Groups are filled with tips for those who want to strengthen their out-of-drink therapy ("the middle course of the first morning urine is the most important drink of the day"), which suggests urinal drops for the eye, an enema or a shower; urinating with urine for 20 to 30 minutes or aging urine (concentration of effects).

The community has expanded to Instagram, advocating alternating artificial bases of masonry jars that contain carrot juices and green juices with artificial columns of others that contain pišano.

There is no scientific evidence to support this practice, which today exists as a hybrid of Indian folk medicine and pseudo-science, promoted by the British manuscript John W Armstrong in the 1940s. One of the basics for his book, The Water of Life, was a rather literal reading of Proverbs 5:15: "Drink water from your own tanks and running water from your own well."

Far from us is to fight the word of God and Facebook groups, but do not do this. Leave the water in your container. We have tapes now.

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