China makes artificial sun in a step towards unlimited energy Science | News


The Asian State Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) reactor in Hefei interrupted a new record in fusion technology when it reached temperatures six times higher than the sun. Nuclear fusion is an incredible technical innovation in which hydrogen from seawater and easily accessible lithium is heated to more than 150 million ° C. Atomic nuclei begin to aggregate together and release enormous amounts of energy, but without the large number of lethal radiation created by our existing reactors for nuclear fission.

Nuclear fusion is a process that forces the sun.

However, for a sustainable source of nuclear fusion, temperatures in Earth reactors will have to reach seven times as hot as the sun (15 million degrees Celsius).

Confessor Professor Matthew Hole of the Australian National University told ABC: "This is definitely an important step towards the Chinese nuclear fusion program and important development for the whole world.

"The benefit is simple, because it is a very large base load [continuous] energy production, without greenhouse gas emissions and long-lived radioactive waste.

"It provides a silver solution to an energy solution that allows you to take advantage of it."

However, in the past, many others have welcomed the breakthroughs that have come to nothing.

In 1989, American scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons argued that they developed a way to create nuclear fusion at room temperature, a process called "cold fusion".

However, they could not duplicate their findings until the American physical society eventually found out that it was an example of "pathological sciences", which made people persuade by false results with subjective effects.

Nevertheless, the race for the construction of the fusion reactor is consolidating, with many companies now devoting resources to developing a successful method.

Experts predict that it will become reality in 30 years – and much faster than if Agnia's efforts prove to be successful.


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