A little mixed: men are scared to sexually harass us


Little Mix's Jesy Nelson claimed that men were "too intimidated" to sexually harass the band and said that the pop star never experienced any of her moments in her seven-year career.

X Factor winners are "a force to turn" when they enter the room, claims Jade Thirlwall, who agreed that the group does not have to deal with moments of sexual abuse in the entertainment world.

Nelson considered The Times Magazine to be "frightened" and "scared".

Bandmate Jade Thirlwall added: "When we walk in a room, we have the power to count.

"We dry out so much power, nobody would try."

The group also discussed the battle with the glory (PA)

The new single quartet celebrates body positivity and is welcomed by fans as a great success.

But Nelson said that the group was not always ready to be at the center of attention.

She said: "They do not prepare you at all. When we shared a room in the early days, I did not even know that there was such a thing as online articles.

The MTV Europe Music Awards (EPA)

"My friend wrote to me:" Have you seen what someone is saying about you? "Then I read the horrible things about me that no one ever told me on my face. It's terrible because at any moment you feel uncertain.

"We were lucky that we were in the group, if we were to get it all ourselves, we would be f *****".

Speaking of the first day after the The X Factor victory, Perrie Edwards, the interlocutor, said: "You do not really have time to take it.

"We went back to the hotel and said Jade:" I do not know if I want to do this. "I just saw Mom and felt really young, I did not feel I should be pushed away from her.

"I started to panic and everyone went to me, but now it's a little late."

Leigh-Anne Pinnock added: "We always say that we still feel like children, because we were never able to enter."

Little Mix has just released its fifth album, LM5, along with a new music video for its Strip composition.

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