A child, aged 11, was injured in a shooting incident in southwestern London


An 11-year-old child and a woman were injured in alleged shooting in southwestern London.

Police said they had been taken to the hospital, but they were not in a life-threatening condition.

The police were called to the scene at Figges Marsh, Mitcham, at 17.40 on Sunday after reports of the release of firearms.

Scotland Yard said that a large group of men was visible on the road before the suspicion of shooting and the police were trying to trace them.

Other people who went to the nearby hospital were also injured during the incident.

Their injuries are also described as non-lethal.

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No arrests were made and the Metropolitan Police made an order from section 60, which allowed officials to detain anyone for investigations by Monday morning.

The statement said: "A woman and 11-year-old child dealt with injuries that were allegedly caused by firearms in an outpatient clinic.

"A large group of men were spotted on the road before firearms were fired and searches were conducted to find these individuals.

"It is believed that two people were injured during the incident, who later presented themselves at the nearby hospital.

"None of the wounded is in a life-threatening condition. At this stage, there were no arrests."


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