Zagitova said that her world record does not mean anything to her


Russian Alina Zagitova won a short program on the Moscow Grand Prix on ice skating. At Megasport's metropolitan arena, Eterius Tutberidze's party surpassed its world record and reached 80.78 points.


The Olympic champion performed musical music "The Fantom of the Opera" in his composition and all elements jumped exclusively – the double axis, the triple flip and also the coronal cascade of the triple Lutz + triple rittberger.

After hiring, Zagit was told about things that mattered to her more than cities and ratings.

"For me, ratings and cities are not important. The main thing is to slip clean and show your maximum."

– says Zagitova TASS.

She also said about the fans who filled the Moscow arena.

"The enthusiasts greeted us very warmly, and I felt it from the first day.

The fans came to the official training, and they also supported us. I even remembered the European Championship that was held this year. I got courage, the audience helped a lot, "added the sportsman.

Zagitova especially noticed the Japanese who supported bilateral Olympic champion Yuzuru Hania.

"Today I felt the support of the Japanese fans. She knew that it was always Yuzuru, but she could not imagine so much.

We do not communicate with him, there is a language barrier, but at the beginning, I do not try to talk to anyone but coaches. During the competition, I still try to separate everything from myself, be alone, and music helps me to play, watch TV shows, "said Zagitova.

"What has changed in me in the last two months? Probable mood. Every day we work, we develop a technique of jumping, we perfect all the elements to the smallest detail, we breathe a" functional "lift. Sometimes some athletes miss this at the beginning of the season, and then get it each week and at the end of the season reach their peak.

I still have a lot to do, and I will always repeat it, even though I get the most points. In sports, especially in skating, it is probably impossible to reach my maximum, because I am always the maximalist. I always work at the highest possible level to make the audience happy. I want to give them a festive mood, "said Zagitova in the air," All for a match. "

The second place was taken by another Russian woman Sofia Samodurova. The pupil Aleksei Mishin correctly completed all the elements and reached 67.40 points for a short program.

"At the first jump I was a little worried, but when I made a cascade, everything went away.

I do not mean anything on arbitrary rent, the main thing is pure high-level gliding, so judges will appreciate everything for great advantages only. On supervisory leases, I still felt the peculiarities of the transition to skating, but now I do not have any more, "said Samodurov, who appeared in July 16th.

The other Russian woman Polina Tzurskaya won only seventh place on the first day of the competition. In May of this year, the athlete moved from Tutbury to Elena Buyanova. Tsurskaya notes that the change in the coach had a positive effect on her.

"Since the beginning of cooperation with Buyan, great progress has been made, my attitude to training has changed, it's more independent and the adult approach.

I feel that I added skating, while giving the programs, I developed into skills, but there are problems. I can not show it at a difficult moment, but I do not stop. It is psychologically that she will be pleasant to work with Bujanovo – she will support, calm down, explain what is necessary, and also twice, if necessary, transfer information, "Turskaya said.

Tsurskaya reached 56.81 points in a short program. She rated this indicator negatively.

"Of course I'm dissatisfied with the hiring, I made a double ritter, I did not get points for this, and the cascade was not mine either.

I'm upset that at the beginning I can not show that I can.

If you realize that you are in a mismatch, you understand that there will be no triple, you will rise twice, "said the skater.

The arbitrary program for girls will be held on November 17 at 19.15 Moscow time. Gazeta.Ru leads webcasting competition.

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