Xbox One With All-Digital No Drive will be available on May 7th


The central Windows portal provided the first images and an estimated launch date for the Xbox One without a diskette drive, all of the digital Xbox One S.

According to internal data, the Xbox One S All-Digital will be available on May 7, 2019 worldwide. The console design is almost identical to the Xbox One S, but without the drive and the eject button. Product clips also indicate that the system will be delivered with a hard disk of 1 TB and Forza Horizon 3, Thieves Sea and Minecraft.

The Xbox One S All-Digital will cost less than all the current Xbox One models. The exact cost is not announced, but it is assumed that it will not exceed $ 200. The console does not replace the usual Xbox One S, but simply becomes an additional option. Microsoft is not ready to stop driving altogether.

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