When the country becomes warmer and what will be the weather on the day of the presidential elections in Ukraine


The announcer, Natalia Didenko, told Facebook about the weather at the end of March. A meteorologist has promised heating that will approach April.

"This week, too, will be cold, do not relax, it will be warmer on March 29th, on Friday," she warned.

Didenko said that on the day of presidential elections in Ukraine and the day before there will be good weather.

"According to preliminary forecasts, on" Silence Day "and on the day of presidential elections in Ukraine, on March 30 and 31, Ukraine is expected to have wonderful weather – pure, sunny and warm, + 14 + 19 degrees.

Photo: facebook.com

Recall that in the beginning of the week in Ukraine it will become a little colder and it will rain. Weather

Winter will also return to Ukraine for one day, then it will be warmer and rain.

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