What Prince Charles gave Camilla's wife for her birthday


Camilla chose a blue dress that will soon become a sign of the royal yard

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duke of Cornish. Photo: Getty

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duke of Cornish. Photo: Getty

On Wednesday, November 14, Prince Charles, his father brought Prince William and Prince Harry, celebrated his 70th birthday. From the morning she received congratulations, the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and her husband, Prince Philip. Then, together with his wife, Duke Cornish Camilla, they went to tea at the Spencer House in London.


Prince Charles is 70 years old

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On vacation, Camilla appeared quite publicly in public. There was not a dark blue dress that they loved so much. The door was decorated with a nice bond. The addition to the paintings served as blue pumps, clutches, pearl necklaces and earrings.


Prince Charles and Camilla, Duke of Cornish

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Couple happy to present the cameras, Camilla and Charles are happy. Although the media reported earlier news of the supposed divorce, according to which the Duchess of Cornish wants to get a wonderful sum because he did not tell the journalists everything she knows.


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