Toyota extends the production of hydrogen cars


Toyota extends the production of hydrogen cars

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Mirai – a car with a hydrogen engine

Unlike the Japanese rival, German automotive manufacturers VW, BMW and Daimler intend to focus on producing electric cars.

Japan's automotive manufacturer Toyota will expand production of hydrogen-powered cars. The company believes that in future it will be possible to equip such engines with not only luxury cars, but also compact models. This was reported to the press officer of the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag in the case of Hisashi Nakai.

At the same time, the German carmaker VW, BMW and Daimler agreed to focus on the creation of electric vehicles in the search for a replacement for the classic petrol-fueled diesel engine.

"In the near future this will be the best and most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere," said Herbert Dis.

The Japanese have opted for a different way and rely on a thermoelectric generator, which is the most common type of hydrogen engine.

"We understand with understanding that one can only focus on one technology," said the representative of the group Hisashi Nakai. "But we believe that we need both an electric battery and a thermoelectric generator."

The main advantages of the hydrogen engine are that it runs silently and does not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Toyota Mirai, already sold in Russia, has become the first car in the world with a hydrogen engine in mass production. Today, cars with hydrogen engines are produced by other manufacturers, such as Hyundai.

Previously, Toyota showed the concept of a "car" for the moon.

Source: DW Russian Service

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