Monday , May 17 2021

Tolkalina was photographed with a “pregnant” belly

43-year-old Ljubov Tolkalina lived in a civil marriage with Jegor Končalovski for 17 years. Four years ago, the stars expanded and maintained friendly relations.

After that, the actress began to carefully hide her relationship with men. According to rumors, she is now dating British composer Simon Bass.

If nothing is known about Tolkalina’s real novels, her personal life is in full swing in movies and TV shows. So she played a pregnant woman in one of the last projects.

Today, Lyubov shared a video from the series. In it, she was imprinted with an impressive belly and danced fun with her colleague Alexander Bukharov.

“The Russian television channel is the sponsor of this show. We are filming the second part of the comedy “Neither the Countryside nor the City”. So none of you can accuse me of working only for fashionable expensive closed platforms and neglecting national television, ”she wrote.

Some fans didn’t immediately find out that the star was posing with a fake belly, and they started congratulating her. Others just laughed heartily and watched their favorite party.

“Cool! Laughter is wonderful ”; “Good luck. That’s right, you have to have fun ”; “Belly looks like pregnant”; “And I was really happy for Lyubochka to become a mother. And this is a movie ”; “They made me happy. Great, “they wrote.

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