Tina Karol and Irma Vitovskaya relatives – all the details


It turned out that famous families have close family ties

Tina Karol. Photo: instagram.com/tinakarol_fantina

Tina Karol. Photo: instagram.com/tinakarol_fantina

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, who spoke frankly about her fear, proved to be a relative with well-known actress Irma Vitovsky. About this artist told in an interview with Kate Osadchaya in "Social life".

Karol admitted that the singing brother is the husband of the sister actress Irma Vitovska. The singer also warned that they do not occur often because everyone has different schedules. The singer also remembered how Svatal Brother Stanislav with his sister Irma Vitovskaya, Natalia.

"I remember how we dragged them in. We came to ask Natasha, Irina's sister, to marry Stasik's brother. We came to our family to ask them to agree to give their little flower," Karol wrote.

As the artist wrote, the match between the events seriously took place with all the traditions and now they are in close connection with Irma Vitovska.

"I even looked around the pumpkin house anywhere. We are in close relationships and I love it when it was played by Les and Roma. I watched this show on TV every night and when I see this real Irma sometimes the table, then I think:" Oh, I'm close to the star, "and she told me the same," Tina admitted.

Recall, on November 18, Tina's son, Carol Veniamin, celebrated anniversary – the boy was 10 years old. In her Instagram, the artist published a short video with her son's pictures under her song "The Man From My Dreams."



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