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The winner of Bach 9 with Nikita Dobrynin, who enjoys a holiday in Egypt


The main hero of the project "Bachelor 9" Nikita Dobrynin and his chosen Daria Kvitkova are truly in love: the couple spends all his free time together, has already set up a comfortable joint nest and often goes on vacation or on a work trip together. Now they enjoy the holidays in hot Egypt, where they have already managed to create an unusual story.

On her Instagram page Dasha shared some spectacular and hot shots in which she was caught in a bikini. As the girl said, Nikita shot her, and she is a great photographer.

A 21-year-old beauty has published a picture in which a street shower in a black swimsuit with dots is being dressed.

In Kvitkovoy they also arranged a mini photo in a yellow bikini and a white T-shirt along the big cactus.

"I can not be without gentleness. When she leaves, I want to hide in her little shell, make a reference and be quiet. And when I get it, I want to give everything for one thing, shake the cat and kiss my nose. You want to worry about it and it's great to cuddle. Do you like it, too? "He shared Dasha.

She also acted with a tan and character on a colorful photo in the pool.

On the other hand, Dobrynin laid a gentle common selfie with his beloved all these same cacti.

The buyers buried the girl with compliments, admired her figure and wanted Nikita and his happiness and love.

  • Wonderful photos. Beautifully positioned as a photographer …
  • Very nice photos, but as always
  • Photos are beautiful. The photographer and model are great
  • Chocolate !!!))
  • Dasha, you're fire
  • Dasha, just sex
  • Just a lot of agony
  • Nikita, you have a beautiful girl! You have to be like that! Unbelievable! Be happy together!
  • You are very extraterrestrial to the Earth Space Station.
  • I'm glad to see you together with you

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