The losses of the attackers are rising – it has become known about new devastated militants


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The militants from Slavyansk and Donetsk became part of the "brigade 200", writes Anatoly Stefan

Vyacheslav Khripakov

Vyacheslav Khripakov "Plum".

Fascinated "Plum" and nefartovy "Grek": officer of the armed forces of Ukraine showed, new soldiers destroyed




The militants from Slavyansk and Donetsk became part of the "brigade 200", writes Anatoly Stefan

Ukrainian soldiers from units operating joint forces continue to be destroyed by so-called militants. "L / DNR". And now it has become known about the new losses of the enemy.

An official of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatoly Stefan (a call "Stirlitz") reports about this on his Facebook page.

So, according to the Ukrainian army, February 15, a certain Vyacheslav Khripakov "Sliva" from Slavyansk was destroyed, but this became known only on March 23. Judging by his photo on social networks, both a bullet was a grenade and a driver of an armored vehicle.

Vyacheslav Khripakov "Plum"

"They tear off Plum," noted one of the site's visitors official of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine.

And on March 22, the infamous "brigade 200" (that is, destroyed militants) was supplemented by another fighter – some Vitaly Tkachev "Grek" from Donetsk.

Vitaly Tkachev "Greek"

"Actually, the Greek dialect" is not happy, "added Anatoly Stefan ironically.

Let's remember before Stirlitz showed the beautiful work of the snipers of the armed forces of Ukraine and showed destroyed warriors
. One traitor to Ukraine – in a coma, the other – killed, the third – he decided to self-destruct.

They also reported that on 22 March the occupying forces shot at six positions on the positions of the combined forces. During the battle, the Ukrainian army had losses, but The APU was vigorously avenging a dead fighter – Three occupiers were eliminated and five wounded.

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