"The heart is compressed into lumps." Politeka


Elena Kravets from "quarter 95" told about the period when she experienced strong emotional experiences

In one of the interviews, the artist recalled her youthful love.

"And I cried at night and listened to the player once again the song" Dances Two "of the group" Technology ". Such a rampant, crazy youthful love. And there were several such stories. Some are happy, some are ridiculous and even cruel. I know what it means to be rejected, what is heartache, when the heart is compressed into lumps, when tears, longing, sadness are in a coma in a throat. At that moment it seemed that I did not want to live, but now I know that these are cool memories, "said Elena Kravets.

At the same time she added that she wants her daughter to survive such anxiety as well.

"I wish my daughter to experience such feelings – living, authentic, real. I still keep notes of that time, donated candies and gum, postcards. But most importantly, I keep my diaries, "said Elena Kravets.

Let's remind, the farewell number of the Quarter 95 brought Ukrainians to tears.

As Politeka reported, Elena Kravets from Quarter 95 showed a photo without make-up in bed.

Also, Politeka wrote that Elena Kravets fought Karol and Polyakov.


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