The contents of the latest SMS, Evgeny Osina, are revealed


In the last months of his life, singer Yevgeny Osin almost did not move even through his apartment in the center of Moscow. Before his death, he is practically out of bed due to the leg to be taken away. But, despite the problems with alcohol and Osin's disease, he continued to write songs until the last days. Even the last sms-message of the artist was dedicated to creativity. This tells his friend, musician and producer Andrei Kovalev.

"From the last power, I write poems, but not to order them, but from the heart," wrote Osin to his friend.

Kovalev remembers the last conversation with Osin. "I wrote you such a song that it will tear all its hits!" – promised Eugene.

The knowledge of Yevgeny Osin with Andrew Kovalev took place during the Miss Saratov competition, where both of them were flying on the same plane. Kovalev recalled how after his divorce from his wife, Osin, he lived in a bath for two months, which Kovalev gave the artist. "We became friends, but I saw that it was increasingly dependent on alcohol". Shortly before his death, Kovalev tried to help him with treatment. In the late summer of 2018 Osin even recorded a video for a new song. Kovalev offered Osini at his production center. "But I did not call Zhenko, now I'm suffering," he regrets.

The author of 90 hits, Yevgeny Osin, was born on October 4, 1964 in Moscow. He was the lead singer of the band "Bravo" by Zhanna Aguzarova and Valeri Syutkin. Then he took solo career. The most famous song of the artist – "Crying in the Machine", written in the verses of Andrej Voznesensky. He was especially famous in 1996, when he participated in the constituency of Boris Jeljcin. The president began to dance to the song "Yalta" in Rostov on Don. A few years ago, it became known that Osin had problems with alcohol. He was treated, interrupted, treated again, including in Thailand, in the same clinic as TV host Dana Borisa and musician Chris Kelme. About this program he said "Live" and the leading channel Andreja Malakhov visited him at the clinic "Russia 1".

Osin died on November 17 at the age of 55. He died in a Moscow apartment due to heart failure. His sister found the body of the artist a few hours after his death. According to preliminary information, Aspen will be celebrated on November 20, while the Troyekurovsky cemetery will bury Aspen.


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