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Tether accidentally omitted and immediately destroyed $ 5 billion USDT on the TRON block


In the evening Saturday Saturdays on July 13, the publisher Steeblecoin Tether unexpectedly issued US $ 5 billion on TRON block. Almost immediately released chips were burned, and 50 million chips were issued instead for them, intended for the Poloniex Bitcoin.

Paolo Ardoino, technical director, associated with Tether Bitfinex, commented on the situation as follows:

"In the process of preparing for the transfer of emissions from Omni to Tron, there was a problem with the number of tokens discharges. Check your chip stamping transactions. "

Representatives of the Poloniex stock exchange also left the answer under Ardino.

"Paolo is right – this happened at the moment when Poloniex used Tether to transfer USDT from one block to another. An incorrect amount of USDT was unintentionally released, and then everything was adjusted to the amount requested. "

It should be noted that the total number of USDT circuits in circulation on the Omni block currently stands at 3.91 billion.

Despite the rapidly corrected error, the time that had occurred had a certain impact on Bitcoin's price. The rate of the first crypt was dropped on Saturday afternoon, at certain points it fell below $ 11,000 in a number of stock exchanges, but increased immediately after finding out about the Tron-USDT issue.

At some point, the price of Bitcoin again increased by almost $ 11,500, and then it was repaired. At the time of the announcement, BTC was traded at USD 11,180.

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