Rabinovich: Medvedchuk and Boyko have achieved a reduction in gas prices today


The political negotiations must be conducted gently and silently, the politician is convinced

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Vadim Rabinovich, the deputy leader of the party's opposition platform – For Life, talked about what was agreed on with gas in the negotiations of the party delegation led by Viktor Medvedchuk, President of the political council, and presidential candidate Yuri Boyk, who it is supported by party Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Federation, and Alexey Miller, head of Gazprom.

"Let me explain what Miller said and what they agreed on. Every price that exists today or tomorrow will only be based on what is properly negotiated, it will be reduced by 25%. You know who's clever, correct , economically literate manager, achieves the best price in such economic negotiations? And what do you think? You will come, you will wrap the flag, you will get twice the price and you think that you are patriotic? Yes, you are the killers in your country, the program "Who Komu Rabinovich ? ".

Rabinovich stressed that at the meeting Medvedchuk and Boyko achieved a reduction in gas prices today. "Tomorrow, when we come to power, we can lower the tariff for one day by a quarter. And not like those speakers … You still have to go for negotiations," added the deputy.

Previously, Naftogaz said that the price of gas offered by the Russian side at a meeting in Moscow was higher than the price for which it was bought at a public auction in the EU.


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